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To be valuable for helping adults. Learn better, or do you think those factors are that? That's not enough. I think it's unlikely that those factors will help without sodas certainly possible that we'll get some compounds hormone substance fish, it will enhance cognitive capabilities the substances that you mentioned those that normally present in brain. And the particularly helpful if some part of the brain has lesion that produces that. So by giving it exhaustively you can compensate for the Natura production of that by the bright. Okay. That makes a lot of sense. I want to go back to two years before I was born back to nineteen seventy when you looked at how chemical signals change the structure of the connections between synapses. How did you arrive at the breakthrough to understand that what what was the the learning process that led up to the moment for you? We're talking about the plight. A pleasure between a nineteen fifty seven nine hundred sixty. I worked at the National Institute of health and a head earlier in medical school at a six months elective period in which I could do whatever I wanted to. And I wanted to be a psychoanalyst. And I thought that even a cyclist should have something about the brain. On the brain. And I just loved it on based upon that one experience. I was nominated for the National Institute of health why nominated, but I graduated from medical school physicians who being drafted into the surface for two years stint. But those that were eligible, but selected for research program at the NIH, and I were selected for research program at the NIH, and I enjoyed it so much at stayed not two years, but three years and had a wonderful experience there. And but I did there was to record from. Single cells Nipah campus the area, the brand numbers don't be very importantly involved in memory storage. And I found how he sells worked, but it didn't learn that much about memory storage. I realized this study memory dictate the beginning you needed to look at behavior and see how.

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