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Is it just me Friday where we give you a chance to get those hotspots opinions off your chest? Maybe you just want to be hard hitting, maybe you want to have a little fun and deliver some snark, a little humor. How about this one? Is it just me or Jared bednar needs to go shopping and get back on his game? No, I think that's, I think that's a shame. Yeah, because I think that's a 100% correct. I have been very concerned about the emotional incontinence of bednar. Yes. This is he hasn't been able to hold it together. Right. But every time I see him struggling to hold it together, what's the common denominator? He's wearing shorts and T-shirt. And flip flops. Not in one of those tight European cut Bond esque suits of his. Yeah, we gotta get some, you know, you know what, it might be. It's just, it's just uncomfortable. Right? You're in yorba hugging, you know, pants. Right? There ain't no room. Right? There's no, there's no room to the extra room right now in the short cities where it's just too much freedom. Right. It's too much, way too much free. Right, right. He needs to be in an uncomfortable suit. So he gets a little irritated and then boom. He's right back into he right back into game mode. This one comes in. Is it just me or after listening to your discussion about the new Elvis Presley movie, would you say that Cecil lammy would describe Elvis as having, quote, oily hips? Wow. Yeah, Elvis had really oily hips. Incredibly oily hips. And I tell you what, what an unbelievable voice that guy had. Like, you know, I mean, it's Elvis, right? So it's kind of, I mean, I remember you as a kid when he died in 77 at the age of 42. But you know, I wasn't listening to Elvis, obviously. But dude, that dude could sing right up to the end when he was all drugged up and everything else. Is it just me or are you guys already starting to tear this Russell Wilson thing down? No, no, no, no, no. No. No, no, no, no, no. No. Not us. Let's clarify a couple things. It's been Tyler polumbus. Mom Columbus speak. Who's been discussing the idea that maybe that rust looks out of shape to him. Now, hey, I don't necessarily the thing about Russell Wilson, whenever I've watched Russell Wilson play over the years, he just looks like a rolling ball of butcher knives. You know what I mean? When he's out there playing, he just looks, he's like, he's like a more svelte CJ Anderson. More spelled CJ Anderson. CJ Anderson is in shape. Those few times that CJ Henderson was in shape during his NFL career. Have you ever really been? You know, there were some times. But he always had a shape. Yes, it was round. It was round. But Russell Wilson, yeah, he's thick, stocky, whatever you want to call it, but. Listen, Tyler play with Russ. So he knows what Russ looks like and look like in the past. If he's seeing a few differences now, well, okay? But that's how, I mean, that's how we all. I mean, I look at pictures of myself when I first got in the league to the pictures at the end of the league and I was the same exact weight, my weight had just shifted. It went from my chest and shoulders and my butt and thighs just into my gut. Right? So same exact. If I took side by sides of end of my career beginning of my career, you'd be like, oh, what happened to you? No, it was the same weight, you know? It's just the weight shifted a little bit. Now, and as far as that weight shift, a weight shift. Okay, as far as far as tearing this rust thing down, I will admit that the comments that continue to come out of Seattle, not just about how, you know, trust me, Broncos country, you're going to get tired real quick of Russ's act and the corny videos and all that. That part doesn't get. But the fact that there are plenty of people in Seattle who think that this guy's game, if not ready for decline, has sort of plateaued. And it's that kind of talk that just, like I said yesterday, it's not, it's just a little nagging thought in the back of the mind. Just a little nagging thought that gives me some concern, but if you think that I'm like lost my buzz over having Russell Wilson when you're trust me, since this went down and what, early March march 8th or so, no, I am still pleasantly buzzed. I can't wait. Yeah, no, without question. I think, listen, even if he let's just say he's plateaued, Mike, like the thing that stuff that drives me crazy is, you know, his best days are behind him. Now he's going to be injury. He had a finger injury, guys. He hit it on a helmet. But we act like he, we act like he broke a hip. He caught him. Yeah, like he's falling, he can't get up, right? Right, exactly. Like he's got one of the medical alert bracelets on now. He hit his finger on a helmet and he broke his extender tendon, you know? So he couldn't lift his finger up. It just flops down. It's like my pinky that just hangs down. You know, he had to have it fixed to be able to throw the football. And then he came back and people were like, see, decline. Well, he came back. You know, the thing is an 8 week injury. He was back playing in four weeks. So let's pump the brakes on the demise of Russell Wilson. I tell you, we can not wait to build up our athletes and put them on a pedestal. The only way like more than that is knocking him off said pedestal. Well, check this out. Maybe this is something that Broncos country needs to be reminded of for all the Russell Wilson chatter out there. The guys play ten seasons. Those two games that he missed last year because of that finger injury. And by all accounts should have missed more, but worked his butt off quickly to come back and probably came back too early. Those two games that he missed last year represent the only two games that he has missed in his entire ten year NFL career. That's it. Right. Every other year he played all 16 games. So let's not talk about decline from an injury standpoint. Let's put that aside. The last time he played a full season. 2020. Two years ago, and remember now, before I give you these numbers, this is for a team that we all agree, defensive minded head coach and Pete Carroll. They want to run the football. You know, maybe they would be a little bit conservative at times offensively, just because, hey, we know we still play some defense here, and we, you know, special teams, all that stuff. Russell Wilson still completed 69% of his passes. 4200 yards and check this 40 touchdown passes. To only 13 picks. Yeah. That's only two years ago. So this bit that will Russell's Wilson's ready to decline. I'm sorry. I just don't see that. I think coming here when Nathaniel Hackett and rejuvenation rebirth re energized to be along with an offensive minded coach, let Russ cook a little bit more. The weapons, the Broncos have. All right, we talk about over unders all the time. Where would you put the over under right now? If I put the over under on touchdown passes for Russell Wilson at, let's say 35 and a half. Where would you go? I go under that. Under. Yeah. I

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