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To make this signature piece of success. China's influence is already visible on the streets of level. There's the so-called Beijing underpass, but one point three kilometre roadway that's freed up congestion along one of the city's main artery, then there's the decorative Chinese pagodas showcasing photographs of Chinese funded construction projects still in the pipeline. And then the orange line one of the biggest infrastructure projects underway. In Pakistan today. I'm walking along a busy road in the suburb of Tokyo in local. All sorts of traffic here rickshaw. Even a bad on the back of the the big lead by donkey. Up above is traffic. There is a construction project underway. Visit the site of the new orange line. I need trade line. That will connect the whole. Eventually be part of a wider transport network. And it's at least partly funded by Chinese. Employed by one of the companies contracted to help build the orange line. One of the Beatles. Five hundred people travel by this rain, everyday LA is a growing city. So the city needs like this. He's paying for these. I understand it coming from Chinese. I cannot comment from this. Because this information is between government and the government of job. We are being from local tortoise the dirt on these windows at the moment, and I can see all sorts of people have written with their fingers. I can see a few Chinese characters as well. Some Chinese work is yes. Genzer Bruckner here being the friend of his tongue. Welcome Chinese investment Chinese. In the word can work independently of any other country in the world. And when is it expected to be ready? We're hoping that we can complete this job in a few months. Gel wad Maqsoud Pakistan,.

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