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If you were to go to quarter one eleven fifteen and go to that third down where that was super lay getting to Michael Gallup on the throw one that Chris Cosworth highlighted because you'd actively four shovel stems into you're gonna see that Philadelphia's in a cover three cloud slur style of look a month. Doing to the bunch side. But to that weak side again about flat seven this is same receiver. Yeah. This is the one I was thinking about definitely flat seven. Yeah. The back is releasing out of the backfield into the flat area it pulls received Douglas down into the flat Corey Graham is responsible for the seven route on both this play and the Alan Hearns play. You mentioned in the red zone. Mike, Corey Graham is clearly too deep. He is to to break on any routes that are going to break in front of him. It's because he's afraid of getting beaten deep because he is slow and if you look at he's at the thirty five receiver is breaking the twenty five Mike I posted I posted screen shots. They had Schwartz had his Schwartz Corey Graham and trae Sullivan aligning about twenty yards deep a single high safety. Greg Williams defense in Cleveland, which is not good news. If you look at that red zone play Mike he is about four three to four yards in the end zone with a receiver. That's like ten yards in front of him. We also talk about the end zone because it ends at a certain point. And you don't necessarily have to defend it that the right? My my my favorite like half joke. Half real analysis is like the thing about the end zone is that there's an end to the end line is they are. And so there's no reason to be that deep into the end zone might because if they're coming for that area that boat after you perfectly placed deep end you already have leverage. So get out of hand up up field. Right. And so yes, Corey Graham remains that analysis development shocking. Breaking news rota world. So lack claims Corey Graham is still bad, and you can see very clearly on these place. But it's hey like, you said linen kinda coach for his life. Here. They had an opportunity that flat seven getting hit on the first time came back to the came back to the well God on key key red zone. Yeah. That's what I mean. That was smart on their on their part knowing that you can attack Corey Graham that way at all times Ben before. We go to give you a quick minute here to give the elevator pitch on this article that you had a bump bleeding green Asian because I really enjoyed it. And I think it had something to do with with Corey Graham on one of them. The eagles have failed on a similar concept in the was that. No, it was it was sucking my teeth because. Yeah, this sucks. This is really. So this sucks. Go read it. The eagles have failed on a similar concept in the Dallas game. The titans game the panther's game. And against the Jaguars since I liked it. So much used to tell the gentle listeners about it. The floor is yours, my friend. You have one minute sixty seconds. Okay. But you have to do the same thing for your article afterward already kind of did some of it. But yet go ahead. Good. Right. So if you actually I discovered this in the Cowboys game prepping for the show you go to seven fifty four the first quarter. I intend Dak had touchdown Zeke Z a flat round. He just missed a throat completely. I'm then what you're seeing is again, those two receivers backside running back going into the flat. And then you're gonna pick route little co routes curl flat combo generating some friction. Bears linebacker tries to man cover. The halfback out of out of the backfield. You're seeing on third and short flash fourth short end in red zone situations. Philadelphia is regularly giving man coverage with their linebackers tagged on the running back, which is not like crazy like that's a very common thing. But teams responding to a by running rub concepts leak routes flat routes from their halfbacks on the Philadelphia linebackers have been unable to get to the traffic and get connected to those routes the touchdown in the fourth quarter. It seemed as if Jordan Hicks had one sniffed out finally on his way to get connected to Elliott ran into Corey Graham, Corey Graham was not moving at all on..

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