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Chance against Bancshares we mentioned the whole plate umpire Brian Dora and the right field umpire fielding culprit there right away was in on the action the in the first inning Brian Gorman the umpire first Joe west second Gerry Davis is the crew chief he's the by a third and a sock does the umpire in left field with Nora behind home plate calling balls and strikes it'll be Posey again jurors are here in a number two giants in Detroit nothing nothing buster Posey three four eleven in the World Series with a run batted in sure sure throws a called strike in its own one that's four straight ones everybody who's had their bad signatures with the first pitch fastball strike right hander against right handed and the slider runs way off the outside talked about running the pitch count up against yours or was one of the goals of the giants wanted to achieve tonight they want him out of this game early but so far he is not let that happen is he's pounding the zone it is fastball foul backing out of play sure the press box account wanted to swim thereby posing in the regular season shares almost routinely through a lot of pitches seventeen and a half pitches per inning on average second the highest per inning total of any pitcher in the American League a slider in the air strike three call Mosey on strike to ensure has struck out three of the giants first four hundred and that was a lot of it was really wanted to help but it came in a run of the inside corner opposing seller thing early identified as being inside the nose of late but brought it back in the strike zone he was full now it depends depends hitting three hundred for the World Series three for ten look out a fastball runs way inside with a lot of movement running off to play that almost right into the mid section of hunter pence we had to jump back out of the way feet wide apart opened up stance the page there's a hard drive way back left center field Jackson going back still going back to that is up over the wall and I don't believe there's any other ballpark with that would not be in a home run.

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