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Of addiction treatment options in native american communities and so grassroots efforts are springing up montana public radio's nor sachs takes us to the fort belknap indian reservation just south of the canadian porter here in foregone up no one bothers to hide their drug use anymore says miranda kirk getting in a car in front of the star van i'm a big deal are leaving your paraphernalia our now bring for somebody to walk in max after ray having your theme needles everywhere that okay even talking about selling your needle hanson style that's normal to kirk is a 27yearold mother for she was born and raised on the reservation and grew up around drug and alcohol addiction methamphetamine has been a problem here since early two thousand and painkillers are everywhere to she herself got hooked on opioids after a miscarriage and a long struggle with depression she managed to break her addiction but got fed up with rampant drug use last year she went to tribal leaders and said someone needs to do something now tribal council vice president george horse captured junior was moved newsradio heart lifting she's young people are recognising were chapman to their numbers each dear our aid brooke it does really taken of beauty he surprised kirk by finding a hundred and fifty thousand dollars to fund a response and by putting her in charge of it kirk took the mission seriously and started digging around she thought about what had worked for her close relationships with other recovering addicts and in her church f you have that strong support system nephew have strong faith that makes any kind of challenge any kind of.

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