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We'll get into this shade here is than in. No, there are some listeners of from this era. Belong. Timeless knows that. I'm not a big fan of ole music called oldies music, which would be the music of the nineteen fifties in particular, right? Like chantilly lace Shirai Bill. Do I like chantilly lace, which take we'll see? I don't know if it's actually an oldie song or nad. Yeah. This is where it gets miss. He I do like LA Bamba in a liquid name, the big Bopper and you'll yeah, I guess, it's a complicated. And yeah. Like the blues brothers. I don't know if they're connected to the fifty so Bill. You're right, though, they do play into the tach tonight sappy, which I guess you already know. So it would I so, yeah, it's like a strange strange relationship a strange to strained relationship with music in the nineteen fifties. A which I'm just categorizing based on my own window, which is very narrow. So when I say, oldies, I guess they just mean the music may parents like maybe that'll be the way it is for my daughter, and I said to myself, this is interesting in then recently. So then Bill earlier this summer in guessing for us. It was the spring when we recording episodes about great New York state fair. Right. It was June. You're right Bill. We recorded those in. We're talking about the free cancers to see fair and shun on knock came up in a new that was like some sort of band related to nineteen fifties music in. There was a TV show that I may have seen as a kid. But I didn't really remember. And I remember, I remember bows. Earlier was he was the base of the boss Nova, whatever the person with the deep voice into tallest of this Jonah as in other than that at this Bill. I didn't really remember. I said, Ooh, I don't know that too. There's something about these nineteen fifties in things that it's a repelling me away noticing some sort of charge there. Right Bill, right. Is so thin would happen. So I had in my mind, then in then my daughter went and saw. Aw. A local version of the musical grease. And immediately from that point forward insisted on singing in listening to the music of the from the musical grease over and over again in it brought me back to saying. Hey, went did have a c I mean, I remember the music of Greece though, some of it was a surprise to me. Bill O. Yeah. Should explain? What Greece's you're right Bill, and then Shannon as more for a slow reveal though. Okay. So Greece was a musical that. I believe came out in like, I don't know when a hit Broadway. I guess we could look it up. Let me give you my impressions, a it was a musical on Broadway. Then it was a movie. In the seventies. And it was starring John Travolta in a Livia. Newton. Jan in. It was a musical about that took place in the nineteen fifties in Canada, celebrated the musical genre e end just as the fifties experience. You you think? Correct Bill barely right. I mean. But that's what I remember about him. I think I saw the movie grease to in. I'm not even kidding like mostly, and I don't even know in. Then I did have huge crush v. Newton Jan in L. So used to get living Newton, John and prince's this might sound wild to some people, but Princess Di and living Newton John mixed a just in my head or is able to remind me of each other. And they one another, and they would give me that good feeling. You know, wasn't a giant crush living. Newton. Jan maybe. Yeah. Just was I guess Bill. I don't know if I was comfortable saying that I was just attracted to her. But I guess I'll use your words. I think it was more. So, but I didn't really watch is a grease musical Somme traction didn't stem from that in that may be the first time. I saw Greece probably wasn't when it came out. It was my many years later. After I'd seen Greece to you're right in American. Sure. Remember who the lead was increased to kind of in that. I can't really remember anything else. Right. And then there was the okay? Let's let's take one thing at a time though. Billets naked ahead of ourselves. You want like about outsiders, another movie did see but like afterwards..

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