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Court. Here's divided along. Ideological lines over whether the senses could ask about citizenship the courts conservative majority seemed ready during arguments Tuesday, uphold the Trump administration's plan to put the citizenship question on the twenty twenty survey. Correspondent Mark Sharon reports on some of the judges reactions during arguments z five supreme court conservative justices didn't seem particularly bothered by the lower court rulings against the question. Or by the claims that the challenges put forward, they see more ready to accept the arguments that the administration made defending the use of the citizenship question on the twenty twenty cents. A slower courts have ruled that such a question could result in millions of Hispanics and immigrants going unaccounted. The treasury department as ignored another deadline for providing President Trump's tax returns. For the second time. The administration has defied a demand from the House Ways and means committee to turn. Over six years of President Trump's tax returns in a letter to the committee Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin asked for more time and said he would give the panel of final decision by may six but the White House has been sending a strong signal that it intends to reject the request. Greg Clugston, Washington. Security Council has approved a resolution on combating sexual violence and conflicts after deferring to US concerns at approach point draft exceeded to US objections by dropping references to health services and sexual and reproductive health. Which was you'd as language that could condone abortion in violation of the Mexico City policy, which prohibits US funds for abortion overseas. The resolution urges strengthened access to Justice for victims and eliminated a reference to the international criminal courts work and prosecuting alleged perpetrators, George Vanni reporting more of these stories at townhall dot com. Short months ago, the world was in a complete frenzy over the market disruption..

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