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And back to work here at SAM's garage it. It is work keeping Sam Straight. Take an audience from Chester and precedent and making sure we keep everything together here. Toll Free, eight, hundred, three, five, three, five, nine seven. You know just just virtual encyclopedia when it comes to sports comes to history. This guy knows everything. We had out blaster prize pack. Winner was Bill Smith in Hampton Georgia? And by the way I'm not influenced by the fact, bills an animal lover. And he also on his facebook page posted a dog that he rescued cute, little white dog, and he named it Sammy. But that didn't influence me on my choice. But also President Chester told me that. Hampton Georgia is the hometown of Wilson Pickett how about that. That's pretty cool. Yeah, he does you know Wilson. It is no, but the fact that he knows it. It's cool because you're right. Chester is an encyclopedia. God help, he knew every doctor vents vents patiently before Vince Falls Asleep on the phone. Hey, Vince, welcome to the show. Morning Oh wait a minute I. Oh, I'm awake good morning. Are you doing buddy. Good. How are you? I'm great. I'm great, then Tell me you've been working on the a trolley car at all that coming along. it's kind of a long. They shut down the plant up in Wisconsin for the cove ad, so they can't get me the parts I'm looking for right now. So. I'm just weld in the frame up trying to get it straight. I. Had I misunderstood Chester, our engineer. Pratt Mill Alabama was home to Wilson Pickett. Yes. Yes, yeah, I didn't want to. A. Listen. Why would why would you be any different than anyone else? No. That's true. That's true. Yeah we're just hearing. The shop and Brenda. Were start trying to beat the heat a little bit, but. working on twenty five, Hundred Ram Oh seven with the comes in the front ends. beat out of it. You know heavy as that thing as. You work on a bunch of those. What you? Yeah I have I probably have sex them right now. So you know. You subscribe to the Turbo Diesel Register. You know it's a friend of Mine Robert Patton and I'm not. There's no dog in this hunt. But it's the best thirty five bucks you can spend because he has. All kinds of great tips people at right for him a engineers. There enthusiast and they've been with him for fifteen years. Whatever how long magazine been around these are all terrible diesel owners, ramtruck owners everything from twenty, five hundred four fifties and stop and. Like I say they do a great job because they're engineers, they're enthusiasts. They live the truck. It's the real deal and he's got a lot of great sponsors, and all of the tricks stuff for those trucks to stop back in the day when they have brake problems. He sells all that stuff or gave me. He has sponsored in there for all of that stuff. You can learn a lot in the magazine a quarterly. Glossy it's about health and with a half an inch thick. It's a great publication and they got a good website. Oh that's a good idea because I am like ninety two. You know the old comes as the. Vacuum booster I'm changing over to a hydro boost because there's no back on a diesel. They're not only. Does. That idea so? We're sorry that we lost our car show this year, but you know that's the way it goes. Other than that. We're doing good down here. Just waiting for the heat, though set in, so I can go sit underneath a shade, tree and Saphire. So. Do you have the five nine or you have the six seventy seven? I got I got five nine seven. I missed some of that had a little in appearance on the line. What would you miss? The car show you Dogana the car show. Okay. So, what's wrong with you on this? I just beat out from the you know. The the control arms war out, sway bar links and. You know they just wear out, so I'm just rebuilding it all. How many miles around it? It has a hundred sixty. That's about good. Though is a big as those trucks are. Yeah they just beat up. You know so i. we went with the. Idiot! The gas shock gotTA. Do all the way around just France or the bags everything. That's that's the fun I'm having. When. A little roads to come into a little sedan coming along. It's coming. Good. I had to rework the steering. I went from wish. Phones to hairpins The the wishbone still would not allow the drop on it for the The Union Steer Uh. Sharing box if fit, so it just wasn't geometry with way off, so I went to air fan, so I can clear everything. That's a good idea, but. It's Kinda Long issue and got us to control our or you just discussing higher replacing it. Or do you have an actual issue with it? Every time that customer and went through something you know they make that clunking and bumping sound. And we know that the bushings are starting to wear out and the ball. Going sure you know they're war out. So did you replace the whole arm or does your service the arm yourself some money? We just I just took the whole. They brought me the whole arm. That the customer did. Makes it nice and easy ever. Does except for I just found out. He got me the wrong side so. Of, course we got up on the wall. There's no warranty against Labor on customer provided parts. I try to order the parts, but you know there I have good customers nature. I helped me. Also like to save money, and there are so many components that you could buy online these days that are a fraction of the cost. If, they've been some money, but it does create a little bit of a problem for us in some cases. If you save too much money than the components prematurely fails, which creates a problem for them. Exactly, yeah exactly. And so. Like I said it like longtime customer, and he's not going anywhere, so we'll have about the fact that he needs to stop ordering me barts. Look him up on from there when you could be like I told you so. And we just did this on a Chevy Impala. His he you know went online and or degrade ads, and then ordered the wrong break parch and. It was long backed over Riley, so. You know it's amazing. How Rally I ordered a Rear Bank for International Scout. That I've looked all over the Internet and it's thirty days away, and O'Reilly is GonNa. Have it for me on Monday? Pretty pretty impressive. It just. This this covid nineteen everything in every facet of every business inventories are at all time low. Stuff 'cause a lot of stuff used to come over across from on the pond in containers, and a lot of that stuff's been delayed and. A lot of factories a shutdown. That's why it's good to deal with. America's like our friends at eight in Detroit Spring, you know Mike makes everything right there in Detroit. Michigan they've been there for you know since one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty seven. In the same building since nineteen thirty nine. His. Only issue is trying to get good American steel. It has to come from Canada,.

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