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Major airlines now ramping up enforcement of new rules, requiring passengers to wear face coverings on planes are Philibeaux. Live in Chicago this evening with the very latest Phil. What's the story? Got Those rules that the airline set in place most of them anywhere from three to four weeks ago, and the overwhelming majority of passengers do wear masks, both in the airport and on planes, but increasingly their complaints that some passengers have said you know what I'm not GonNa wear when I'm in the middle of a flight, even though it's required by the airline, so what you have right now or the airlines putting more pressure on the passengers to wear face masks. They're not putting pressure there. Outright requiring it, the crew say again the. The vast majority of the passengers are wearing the Maso. Here's what's going on. You have to wear your mass ticketing boarding in-flight. Basically from the minute you get to the airport to the minute you leave the airport. Noncompliance is reported internally. So if you're on a flight and you decide, you're not gonNA, wear it. They're going to tell the home. Office and the next thing trying to book a ticket. You're probably on the restricted travel list, which means you won't be able to fly now. Most airports around the United States they are asking. Asking passengers to wear those masks though we talked to the people who've been at major airports whether it's O'hare wordy, etc, they say look. There's probably about ten percent of the people walking around the airport. Who are not wearing masks right now. All of this comes as more people are flying, because you take a look at the airline index the number of passengers this last week, three point one million. That's an increase of twenty four point seven percent compared to last week finally take a look at shares of American and united. We could. Could really put any of the airlines up here. It's been a very turbulent month to say the least for these guys, but all of them now Scott are saying we are requiring masks when you come on board, the bigger issue that these airlines are facing passengers. We'll see when they fly when they land and they to the gate, people aren't practicing social distancing. It's just like before. Get up and get out of that plane and everybody goes into the I'll fill. The airlines say they're requiring it. What happens if passengers don't comply? Well you won't get on the flight first of all. Almost every airline is saying you have to have it when you're boarding the flight so a when when you go through ticketing, you shouldn't be almost all of them. Require it. They all are requiring it when you're boarding. And then let's say you wear it, and then you get on board and you're like you know what this is for the birds. They will say something, and they will probably ask you two or three times. If you refuse to do it, they're not going to sit there and fight you on this. They'll simply phone it into the. The Home Office and the next time you go to book a ticket. They may say you know what Scott you are not following the rules, so you're not able to that ticket.

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