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I would bomb the out of him. Dark secret place with Brian suits on KFI. If I am six forty more stimulating talk. It is the dark secret place. Our number three, a deep dive into the life and death of ISIS. Now, maybe I'm premature on this. But I am taking the Kurdish and the F word for this. Because the ISIS media department that normally is embedded with the actual ISIS fighters has melted away actually over the past year, and ISIS have not been able to produce on there. Really, well, produced very very slick high definition sound tracked well, edited as cinematic quality propaganda videos. In fact, it's been several years since they've actually put one out primarily because the guys in the ISIS media department, well have been purged ISIS. Many of them were accused of being traitors and because of the past couple of years. I haven't been there haven't been many victories for them to tout. And so their offerings have been pretty lean there now left to angry high school students in Indonesia, sending Photoshop threats of downtown LA with exploding high rises and a guy badly layered with the ISIS flag in the front. That's that is. Isis in two thousand nineteen that and a tiny little village along the frady's river in the south central part of Syria that is all this left of ISIS. Isis surrendered many hundreds of heavy weapons mortars. Antitank missiles things like that a few days ago. A now, according to the Syrian democratic forces are again, the guys that we recruited trained equipped lead. And and supported who have done such a phenomenal job in fighting against ISIS. But they've only done a really good job. Because a really extraordinary job by several hundred at the most three or four thousand Americans on the ground in Syria have done a really extraordinary job of coordinating American overwhelming fire support from the air as well as artillery on the ground to fix and destroy ISIS. Isis have not seen the nor. Did they probably even think of the kind of fire support that America brought to the battlefield not Russia? Not even Syria, and certainly not the Iranian militias and not the Turks, but the United States. It's sent a very capable tiny task force called operation inherent. Resolve that has been decisively lead over the past two and a half years by a general VO tell that have done a really outstanding counterinsurgency job and this will go down in history. As one of the most successful counterinsurgency in the past several hundred years because number one, I has been one of the most fearsome and effective insurgencies over the past hundred years because number one they came from nowhere, the United States invaded Syria in apartment Iraq in two thousand and three and almost simultaneously instituted the debate vacation policy. This is the policy where we dissolved the Iraqi army the regular army, the conscript, not just the Republican Guard or these special Republican Guard who should have been detained and tried as war criminals, but we desire. Solved the regular Iraqi army putting hundreds of thousands of men out on the streets without gainful employment in a basket case collapsed rocky economy from this raw material is where the insurgency against the United States was easily organized by all Qaeda, and then also by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard who were able to mobilize the the newly empowered. Shia majority of Iraq in two anti American militias in the form of Muqtada solders Mahdi army or Josh al-mahdi. Meanwhile, the more lethal guys where the al-qaeda organiz guys the Sunni guys the guys from on bar province. The guys from north in decreed along the the the Tigris and Euphrates valleys up north between Mosul, and Baghdad these were the people who were. Now out of power. These were the people who were in power for thirty years when as as one Iraqi described to me a gang of decree sheep herders took over Iraq in the form of Saddam Hussein and his clan. And this was the high tide of the Sunni Arabs in Iraq. Well, now, the United States army and Marine Corps came to Baghdad and the Sunnis. No now were minorities, they were the richest recruiting ground for al-qaeda, and they were easily the most effective insurgents from early on because Al Qaeda operatives came flooding into Iraq with a battle experience from everywhere from Afghanistan to Chechnya, the idea experience, originally, primarily came from Chechens who had been very effectively fighting Russian occupying forces in Chechnya with field expedient roadside bombs that we call improvised explosive devices and. They brought that raw material and Ron knowledge to Iraq and taught Iraqis how to go into unguarded ammunition dumps poll mortar and artillery rounds out and put explosive filler into the fuse. Well, tie it to a circuit through a cell phone, cheap Nokia ninety one hundred ten dollar cellphone dig it. Very very shallow grave next to a road. And then wait for an American convoy to go by dial, the cell phone number blow up the ID was devilishly simple. And it was devilishly effective of the five thousand plus American casualties in Iraq at at least three thousand or from roadside bombs or ID's. So the nasty little secret about the American occupation of Iraq. Is that after the surge the United States and the newly constituted democratic? Iraqi government was actually a prevailing in Iraq. And making inroads in fighting the Sunni insurgency to the point where even the Shia militias decided to sit down for a little while and even cooperate and fight some of the. Some of the Sunni terrorist groups, primarily Al Qaeda in Iraq. And then something really horrible happen. Abu Musab bizarre collie who was Al Qaeda's number one guy in Iraq. It was the number one. Most wanted man for US forces in Iraq. His Al Qaeda in Iraq guys, blew up a mosque a very significant mosque in the city of Samara, and what initially had been feared from the moment. We got to Baghdad and that that being a Shia on Sunni, internal civil war. A payback war that we had so far avoided suddenly was on. And this was probably our Cowboys goal. In fact, this is well before we kill them about a year before we kill them. That his goal and al-qaeda's goal in. Iraq was to go ahead and set off the religious war, these sectarian war between the majority Shia, and they hated Sunni who were part of Saddam's favored inner circle. And now they had blown up a significant and very revered mosque of the city of Samara. So the bloodletting was on at a point when the American surge at work, and we had turned a corner in Iraq. This is a a lost pivot point to most American media. And this is approximately two thousand eight in all likelihood, you could place the the birth of ISIS right around two thousand eight because the Sunni insurgency took it on a completely different face after the elections had happened, and they were -ffective at a democratically elected government came to power in Iraq. The people who were running the Sunni insurgency Al Qaeda in Iraq decided to. Change the game. They just didn't change their name yet. But for all intents and purposes, ISIS almost preceded the Syrian civil war. But it wasn't until the Syrian civil war that ISIS got itself. A name got itself an identity and entered the major leagues the life and death of ISIS in four parts part. Number to Syria comes apart at the seams right after this on the dark secret place. KFI AM six forty more stimulating talk. Michael shapiro. The news several people reported her the shooting and stabbing in Highland Park. Shots will report it around three twenty this afternoon.

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