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She told Charlotte that she would love to create a numerology price fall for her then asked for Charlotte's birthday. Charlotte supply the information. She also provided her Tom of birth social security number and who drove his lesson stay tiles. In Rhode Everything Dan on a Napkin and made positive predictions about its future. In an interview with a British newspaper, The Guardian Shala lightest cited. She had the most sophisticated manner she was so persuasive. And didn't talk about herself much. She did say she was mending a broken heart after a relationship with a full my girlfriend ended badly. At one stage, a blonde haired man entered the Bois. And Tell Charlotte that hey, was her brother and said she had to go. Before leaving, she asked for Charlotte's phone number. In cold the next day and the pair arranged to meet up for lunch. Charlotte's mother was present for the meal and was equally impressed by an. Several Deitz followed and Charlotte eventually met ends Bravo. Hey was nicely dressed and well mannered as he SISTA. Overtime contact between the women faded until they fell out of touch altogether. A couple of months later and cold Challah to say that Horon Dot and had left her a significant inheritance. In was required to split the money with her brother. She. Claimed that he'd had her committed to a mental health hospital so he could cape the entire amount. Approximately, a month after this call in appeared on Charlotte's doorstep at Three Im. She was wearing a fake moustache, a wig and means shirt and tie. Distraught and sobbing in explained that she escaped from the hospital where her brother had her admitted. She was now on the run from her family and needed Charlotte's help to get away. And Begged to borrow Charlotte's birth certificate so she could create a new identity for herself. Charlotte initially refused but relented when ain't grew increasingly distressed. And promised to return this the ticket soon. Several. Weeks tossed with no word for man. Charlotte began to worry. Then a letter arrived with her birth certificate enclosed and a note from in apologizing for the delay. Charlotte never heard from her again. A few years. Later, he made nineteen ninety-one. Charlotte received a summons regarding a traffic violation in Miami. Baffled. She went to court to resolve the meadow. It was quickly discovered that the era was due to the actual perpetrators stealing Charlotte's identity. Charlotte knew the person responsible was the woman she knew as informant tre Mont.. Now that two of their suspects identities were found to be stolen investigators turned their attention to her third eye Leah's Elaine Antoinette Parent. Locked the this parent was a real person. Though little could be found about her early life. She was born in New York City borough of the Bronx on August four, nineteen, forty to. Her mother was French Canadian while her father was American. The couple had no other children. But the time she was not out Elaine parent was fought foot seven inches tall with naturally dark hair and blue eyes. Her white varied between one, hundred, forty, and one hundred and fifty pounds. At Age. Thirty, she relocated to Florida where she initially lived in an apartment in the village of La. She later moved into a house in Dade, county. For Time Parent worked as a registered real estate agent. In Non Taint six parent was arrested in Fort Lauderdale Fish. Shoplifting. As a result, her fingerprints collected and stored on the police system. then. In nineteen ninety five, she stole approximately forty thousand dollars worth of jewelry from an elderly woman she knew. This was around the same time parent became acquainted with Charlotte Cowan. Parents fingerprints compared to those taken from the woman apprehended in Nineteen ninety-one for failing to return the Hayek car. They were match. The woman pretending to be Charlotte. Cowan. Was Indeed Lane, parent. She was released on bio but never appeared for her day in.

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