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Pentagon awarded Microsoft of massive contract for cloud computing Amazon was widely considered the front runner for the ten billion dollar deal but president trump is in a well known feud with Amazon's Jeff Bezos who owns the Washington post there's talk those tensions played into the decision Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has made his first public comments of the surprise announcement was focused on the core principle of enabling our partners are comfortable achieving the admission and the same is true even for the department of defense in the United States there are reports Amazon could appeal to government auditors or a file a court challenge facial recognition software used by federal law enforcement at the center of a new lawsuit couples Ryan Harris says those behind the suit wanna know how it's being used the American civil liberties union has raised concern that facial recognition software is used in concert with security cameras that are just about everywhere to essentially keep track of all of us even though most aren't suspected of a crime ACLU Washington lawyer Shankar Narayan says the F. B. R. has admitted that uses the tech to run searches against a large cache of images they claim they don't need a warrant for probable cause it'll track how effective the technology is a invaded questions about whether the use of the tool was constitutional Marantz is just because you walk through a public space that doesn't mean you forfeit your protection against unwarranted searches but they want to know more so we can have that discussion Amazon which has government contracts for the software says it should never be used illegally and agency should tell us how they use it Brian Harris como news we're hearing from the city council candidate whose campaign sign was vandalized with racist graffiti district four candidate Sean Scott says it's not the only time something like this is happening.

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