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I was later. Get her definitely Kerfi alley. There you go little Rebecca home right before she became Rebecca. How she's in summer. I talk about that movie all day long. And I know Jeff Hartmann and I have a we. We have a a segment on our prediction podcast. Actually, our our preview for the upcoming games. We have this. We have the segment that we're, we're talking about sports movies and which one's better, and I would love to somehow get them off course, maybe I can get this contemporary in there a surfing movie, maybe. Hey, Jeff Gump. But you know, speaking of Jeff, I wanna to bring up our editor Jeff Hartmann and Kevin were in Faneuil league, and we've talked, we've talked about how one player could make or break you and going into this game one player from the falcons. And then I listened to Jeff to always talks about chef love the handcuff. So I'm thinking, you know, he's right. I need to go ahead of handcuff after winning it in week three and placing third in week four. I went avenue and I did the handcuff, and I completely not saying that handcuffs are not good, but I was for certain Tony that we're gonna have you Matt, Ryan, and holyoke Jones. Just go off and I hardly got any points from those guys. And you know what? This is. My fantasy role. I'm glad I didn't get any point. I'll take ninth place for Steeler victory. Nine out of ten. Yeah. Take. So I was just shocked. And you know we're going to talk about about the Torian gonna talk about grades. One of my valedictorians is one that no one would have ever guessed whatsoever. And it would be Joe Haden for what he did to holyoke Jones. He just he's shut polio Jones in the first half, and Joe hated had an amazing game really set the tone for that game. You know, already burns on the other side, looked pretty good too, but let's talk about grades before we get the calls, the offense. What are you thinking about the performance of the offense? Particularly, I wanna focus on one guy who had a tale of two halves one, Benjamin rumpus burger Tony. What's your number seven play. I mean, look, it looked like in the first half and it'd be much of what we saw last week in, you know, some Sony, the second half of the buck nears game just you know off and he couldn't connect with AB and and he was, you know, he seemed like he just like there's such any through in the end zone. I that's maybe the worst passive ever seen him throw that worst decision anyway. And and he came out in the second half and he was fishing and he was he was emotional after the two touchdowns to ABC you know, all the the talk was bothering him. And if you would, if you would just tell me one staff from that game nineteen of twenty nine for two hundred fifty yards. Nothing else I would tell you that they that they won that game easily because that's, that's that's the stat of a winning quarterback right there because it's big plays probably a couple of short fields, which which is exactly what happened..

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