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Max, look he just had like the worst game of career, and they beat the saints a little fortunate on that last second call if you think they're gonna get a call like that against the patriots. If you look at Tom Brady the wrong way, still as the ball in his hands. It's roughing the passer penalty and it's an off the neutral zone infraction. And no he's the game. Oh, wait. The patriots lose. Okay. Here's another reason. You can keep going another. No that ain't going to happen. He really needs the Rams in order for that play action to really work and for Gough to be it his best in. It's not gonna be CG Anderson. Not get like if you think that one game is going to work against Bill Belichick and the patriots. And Tom Brady the answer is no they're going to have to have girly as girly in order for them to win this game. Here's my thing. First things first as an aside. I just wanted to stay for the record. I don't understand how any aid can be bigger than we'll kings. I just. Something day common. Just wanted to make sure that we're doing heads. So that's number one number two. You know, what to me? The Rams can't win this game without a great game from Todd Gurley. It's very very simple followed a formula that the New York Giants followed in two Super Bowl victories over the New England Patriots make sure Aaron Donald and their front four find a way to get to Tom Brady to me. That's the ingredients to success at anybody against the patriots in a game of this magnitude. I don't care how well Sony. Michelle runs the football. I don't care how well James white does even though that has something to do with Tom Brady because if you dip and dunk into James white he can make some things happen. Obviously, I've got my eyes on HOGAN at gronkowski. I get all of that. But to me if Aaron Donald and Dominic and sue Brocker and Fowler. Find a way to get to Tom Brady. It will not matter what Todd Gurley does in the Super Bowl. I. The Rams could find a way with without Todd Gurley where the CJ answer, whether it's woods colts doesn't matter. I think they could find a way to get yourself to get themselves twenty or twenty one points. But in the end, it doesn't matter if you cannot get the Tom Brady if you get to Tom Brady, I give them an eighty percent chance to win this game. If they don't get the Tom Brady if he's standing in the pocket calling Zell to Lama g loves the he's looking forward to coming home and all the plan with the kids and all of this other stuff at before you even throw the damn pass in the pocket because he has that much time. It doesn't matter. What the Rams do? They have no chains of beating New England Patriots unless they give pressure on Tom Brady. Listen ta girl is a great player. But make no mistake about it to me. I don't think the game really comes down to that. The Rams have other weapons on offense. Whether you're talking about Raba woods Brennan, cook, Gerald every tally higby. They have other guys that can step up. But I think Stephen alluded to this game is going to come down to the trenches. We've talked about the pages Alon and and office on Darnay Dante scar neck in the job. He's been able to do with the pages the line the battles one become is going to be in that you Aaron Donald dumb consume. Because the one thing we talked about what the Rams that. They've done a lot better since two regular season stopping the run. And that's where the patriots have really dominated. Both season is running the football. If they could ask the debates get pressure up the middle of Tom Brady because that's with with all these parking passes. You gotta give up the middle. If they can find a way to get pressure up the middle and solve that riddle, which is. Pages off of the line. They can absolutely win this. Let's say guys I hear what you're saying about pressure up the middle. Absolutely collapsed the pocket. That's how the giants. Did it as much as anything in the two wins against the patriots in the Super Bowl? But guys, let's say because Bellichik is this amazing GM, right?.

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