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During a standard nutrition nourishment state right and why five days how did you come up with five days as the window well you need to break down right you need to glycogen and then you have about three days where you you benefit from from now consuming only and as we shouldn't in the clinical trial this'll fat right so the body now goes exclusive doesn't touch the subcutaneous fat it goes after the abdominal fat as it's only or major source of energy so now you suffer less for the last three days you break down the stem cells on are starting to get activity and you have enough of a window that you can start rebuilding should go much shorter is never any destruction there is never any cleaning up and therefore there's going to be minimal or rebuilding and saw an as you go longer if you go longer you got now get into dangerous on right you get into compliance low complaint zone and dangerous on right so now you need to go to clinic so five days after over thirty thousand people have done the prolonged died we seen very little side effects that are that are there should be reported and and so people can do it you know they don't let me some people of course struggle with it but most people don't and yeah so i think compliance is very important people hate it and if people feel that it was too difficult they're never going to do it again and then you know then it's drugs right so yeah that's that's also in addition to the specific nutrients that you spoke to just by actually hiding people with a little bit of food enhances the compliance dramatically i would imagine now just food but also the selection of food so we big foods for example we have this nut bars and they were designed to really fill you up so it's a kind of fat that after a while you're thinking okay that's it i'm not hungry in the morning is very much but it's made in a way that really makes i mean people again it's not a ton of food but it's.

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