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Who start at the university of georgia. What's your superstar tail and the university of kentucky's tie reese maxi arguably the most energetic hardest working player in the draft as draft my. I'm going to get drafted tonight. We are moving couches. This is their real life as it unfolds in real time and we're going even further behind the scenes with unprecedented access to their agents. Klutch sports group founder and ceo. Paul draft was going on what you hear and their basketball omar wilkes. This is the draft unlike any before. It's all a game of chess. Listen and follow on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcasts okay. Let's just hit some league stuff. I actually just saw this segment. S- the bears have granted. Akeem hicks the opportunity to seek a trade. He's making ten million dollars. He wants a lot more. Here's the issue right now. I got back to ryan pace. The only reason you're team has been good or competitive last couple years is your defense in. He argued was better than khalil mack. Last year. he's one of the key guys. Like your offense sucks. Andy dalton has your quarterback. You need good defensive players. What are you doing i i. I can't overemphasize enough. I think ryan pace just lost. I don't think he gets it. I really don't jon gruden. Younger is nuts. he's crazy no rhyme or reason. Anything he does. I've talked a lot about them in the last couple of weeks. I'm not gonna spend too much time here. But yeah i just. I backed like ryan pace. The strength of the raiders last year was the offensive line. So what do they do. They rent rodney hudson. They get rid of gabe jackson and they trade trent brown now. Trent brown been an issue. I don't blame them for getting rid of him. But you're gardner center like what trying to do buddy. You ain't winning with defense defensive roster you'll stink. You had a power running game because those two guys are fucking bee's.

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