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And I also went into the seaside. I think it seaside chops. Wata empty places in there, too. And you gotta believe it's the Amazon as Asian. Of the country. The world that has helped calls a lot of stores out there. So there's different theories on a lot of times, you get an anomaly, one month's will be off. I like to average two or three months, I think that's more accurate. Just like we had a blowout report in April wanna say, two hundred sixty three thousand if you average to sixty three and so you get about one eighty revised it, though. Yeah. Anymore. That's true. Okay. And you know what else is this market on fire here this morning? And this happened just as we were getting ready to go on the air some China terrorists to be delayed. Those who believe in the power of the plunge protection team. The they obviously went to work after the lames job report and came up with the delay maybe of Chinese tariffs in that help, also the market, all of a sudden take off, no more Theresa May. She didn't go away in may. She went away in June. She is now stepped down as the leader of the ruling conservative party in the UK, the races already started to replace her. There's eleven contenders Boris Johnson. And I, I would say Nigel Faraj probably the two that are going to Duke it out over there. And no more made the thirty year mortgage three point eight two percent. Maybe I ought to refi. You know what I'm going to send a text to my wife during the break year say, Honey, let's look into refining, we her mortgage three point eight two percent is down seventeen basis points from three point nine nine the previous week. Guess where it was a year ago, four point five four just by luck. That's about when I locked in my rate, I needed ball. I don't think you were around. You could've told me rates, we're going lower. I'm gonna talk call him about a refi here. And then we continue to have a bear market in crude. But I don't think oil OPEC's going to increase production any time soon with the plunge that we've seen recently here known as the sour look on Putin's face lately. You know his popularity rise. Is and falls with oil prices, because eighty five percent of his economy is dependent upon oil and other than getting the panda bears from she a little love gift from Xi of China, Putin's gotta be hurting a little bit here is his, his oil prices, little progress with Mexico, Mexico is moving troops of both supposedly to the border, the Guatemalan border to halt immigrants looking to move north. And of course, we've moved our terrif- through to the southern border of the United States, demanding a little bit more cooperation from Mexico on this continued flow. Across course I lived in a border town grew up. Not I wasn't born. They're born in Glendale, California, but grew up in a border town and saw the explosion. We have I think eight hundred thousand to a million undocumented, folks there in San Diego. And lastly, Atlanta's fed GDP forecast.

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