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Company. You want again roy. Sure joel no rico. No i don't because you want you got what they wanted to have more coming picks you have more come off. You know you one big big you want to give you the picks i'll just go your would say all you're on track. No you didn't lose. I can't believe i'm not like our what. Rico you know what i can't believe picks relief. Can i just say real quick. I can't one fucking people attractive. Lost people killed for this. You know what. I can't believe rico is that we spent fifty minutes talking about a salary then fifty one minutes. You're like i'm actually getting paid more. That's what i can't. that's honorable. horrible knows honorable. You wanted to get paid more than he didn't want to take pay cut right and you didn't. You didn't have back. i don't i went flat. No but i don't think go flat because you were never making what you thought you would like. We didn't know how much you make. You also have the. And i. And i i let go. It was your job to when you send it over and the number came through like all righty bump it. That's like saying the the president of a bank when someone goes on. Atm is a fuck up. Has you write it out. Didn't they give it to you for review beforehand. No by the way you want. You want rico. Do you want an exact apples to apples. Comparison here began talking about other people. Hank will back me up. This literal exact thing happened with bill football. He was getting paid more than we thought and then he tried to negotiate their higher for eighty hours a week. Yeah a higher salary when he came in. And i said we're not going to pay you more just because we fucked up and we rectify also going to say something give. The money is not an apples to apples situation but there once was a guy by the name of bubbly gang around here and he was doing bubbly stuff and the only people that didn't know the bubbly gang was like happening. Was myself you. Dan and like paul other people knew if you thought i paid you and bubbly told me about everything is just like how could he omit this piece of information of what was happening. If you thought i paid you more hourly goodness in my heart and you thought i did on purpose and you didn't thanked me for. That doesn't sound like something you do. That sounds like somebody who knew a mistake was made in their favor. Let's not a thank you a million times for that extra money. No i thought that was his business. Yeah i didn't was like are at. That was an understatement. Like i don't believe you here. Here's one other thing. I'll throw out there because i told you the billy football story. And what did i tell billy football. I said were not going to give you a raise from a fake salary that you are making. That was a mistake. But what i will do for you is. I will have your back if you produce for this company when you go into dave and asked for a race and guess what. Billy has been producing. His blogs have been huge. He's been doing a great job. He's been doing a lot of content. And when he goes into dave in december. I will tell. Dave billy has been doing a great job. I will tell. Dave rico's men doing a great job. Like i when i when i have my guys. I always go to bat for them. And it's kind of disrespectful to me when you're like well. I need more anymore anymore. When i telling you i will go to bat for you. I want you more. We pay well. I can't give you more on a fake salary. That i didn't even know existed but i have. We signed the contract. You one where he co. You dance for you you know. You're you're getting paid more. Yes last year and off of okay a bank when there is a bank era. The bank makes you repay. Yeah actually now. That i'm thinking about it. If you actually do the math you're getting paid the number you want if you count all the extra sauce last year by accident they you're not having to pay back. You're getting that now. Can you. at least say thank you that i'm not going to be like. Hey riyals us this. Why thought i earned it you. You signed a contract with a number on it right. Yeah you you paid well about no no. That's the mistake. Maybe that's the disconnect. The contract that i signed was was that number. Oh they just sent the wrong number. I thought that was the right. Yeah i mean but that's all we got you got the auto renew number right so and again you are business guy. I'm not going to bother you. I i thought the change the change was your ex nor conversation with them or long conversation which down through mud. That was the hardest to go. She never thank god. I've read art of the deal because that was not easy. Let's get to the your conversation with them. I didn't win. You want you you one not. I think we had a now that we're now we're talking about. I have an idea of what i think. They probably did. Cause you were getting paid before that correct. Yes no but he talking. I was getting c. Yes seasonally. I bet. They added that yeah. They didn't they added by accident. That's my guess what they did. So you're good. They stacked it on by now. Getting paid guess they didn't cut your seasoned. They added what i said. Your new thing was the to me. Numbers add up. Okay and look at the number of times. What's your if you count the extra money that you made last year and then the auto renew this year. So let's say that you're at the real number last year and now you're now you're getting this right. It basically is like if we had a part time employee who prove themselves and we're paying them part time like here's their contract and they don't stop they don't somehow get. The new thing has taken out the old correct. So you're good. You actually did win. He won he fucked me in the us. You fuck me caller on. Yeah you fuck me in the. And i don't think you did. Your supercilious are the number that you gave was four limited stuff. I've done more after. I don't know let's not you know you want now you one you know what the listeners one. Because next week there's no more negotiating right loss. Two hours i listen forty. Got this all the way why next week. It's going to be all football. Next week's meal card is incredible by the way i can. What we do is nine hours. I'm so excited for this weekend. I'm so excited for this card. See you on saturday. We'll be doing a stream. Wisconsin first penn state. It's going to be see. This is going to be great dave. You wanna start yet just going week voice greek through the card so while this we've been going down the game where no two hours and we just gotta do. If you wanna talk about specific games talk about. This is two hours in all right. Here we go. You held out Last week dave went five to one on his mortal lock. I went six into Tune all my mortal lock added ucla. When i saw the chip kelly was wearing the visor for the first time since oregon. Rico you at four. No one on your mortar locks the mortar lock college. Football picking parlay hit. It was plus six twenty five. Is that correct. Yeah it was a union. The barstools sportsbook app. I guess on that and guess what this week. If you're a never have signed up before and you sign up in the barstool sports sportsbook cap you get and you deposit you get one hundred dollar up to match so if you put one hundred and you get a hundred dollars for free on football on saturday. How about that. Sorry i was thinking about stuff. I gotta sell. Yeah i heard a little. We did well. Is this what i get. There's a half ass guy he's you get. This is going to get more song. You'll never get it. You'll never get it with moat. Meco bosco attitude moebius. Look you sign the contract. You can't mope you know you're right. Yeah i want eight plus years zaire ben backing i know all right i got federal federal crop also cry yes not getting more money and not telling me ferrochrome so Sign up for the parcels sportsbook garin jersey. We'll tweet it if you are. We'll put on instagram. Put everywhere dylan. Make sure you put on them. I think it'd be on at friday friday so anybody who is not deposited yet parcells sportsbook. If you deposit this does not affect your thousand dollar risk-free bet but you put in ten bucks. You'll get a free ten dollar bet. You.

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