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Hey, Tommy. Can we give a shout out to everybody's grandma who pronounces his last name ruch? Because I noticed some people that are either in the chat or grew up in North Carolina, whose grandmama said it that way because Montreal did. That is hilarious. Rich. I was like, what? And then I got it. Tell me about why you wanted to go first on Jerry march. I mean, what is it? What is it, man? I'm rut. I mean, I spent the past two years coaching high school basketball at a small school in Northern Virginia. Paul the 6. Some people might have heard of it. My first year there was Jeremy senior year, we won the state title. We lost to the matha and hunter Dickinson in the WCA C final. Or just a really competitive game. Dickinson was just a little too much in the post. And then the year after that, my last year in Northern Virginia before I relocated for work. Was Trevor keels a senior year. So super familiar with both their games. I love both those guys. I love both their families, you know, their great guys, no matter no matter where they kind of pick to go to school. And then I think the thing with Jeremy, you know, he was kind of tossed to the side at one point in this season for somebody like Trevor keels to be inserted to the starting lineup. It kind of stuck with it. Even though I don't think his numbers or anything really suggested for him to get his role reduced. And the past three, four games, all he's all he's done is bail duke out time and time again. And I think when you're looking at the 5 man lineups, we've talked about how efficient North Carolina's 5 man lineup is, they were the most efficient 5 man lineup left in the tournament playing like 916 possessions. But now the duke 5 man lineup with roach, so it's boncho, Griffin, Wendell Moore, Jeremy roach, Mark Williams. That lineup has actually passed North Carolina in terms of efficiency, albeit it's on a third of the possessions that North Carolina's arm 5 have kind of produced, but he has been the difference for this duke team over the past month and a half at the same time, you know, ever since right after the North Carolina game, it seemed like they started to turn to a more in the ACC tournament. And it's just been time after time. He's bailed them out this past month, especially that Michigan state game. I absolutely think he's there MVP and it's funny. How he was a forgotten guy. I mean, he wasn't very good last year. All the new guys come in and then, you know, it's tough not to like that guy because he was one of those dudes that were thrown on, you know, he wasn't thrown on the trashy Joey baker style. He's close. But he got out of the trash heap, he jumped. Joey baker was on the trash sheep. That's why I couldn't throw him on. But anyway, I think roach is the key to this game. So sherrell, tell me what the key to Carolina's game is. RJ Davis Jeremy roach. That seems like a really, really big matchup. For Carolina to win here. He's a tough cover for RJ Davis. He's got a size advantage on him. I think he's just as quick. So even in the second half of the game in Cameron, it was kind of roach when things were going bad. He was really the only one able to consistently score for duke. I mean, he got into paint past Davis several times for kind of easy layups. And we're talking about how North Carolina strategy should be to try to contain banquero as much as possible, but then try to make sure that everyone else, no one else goes off. That's kind of the recipe for North Carolina to win. And Jamie roach makes that really tough when you have 5 guys on the court at any time that can kind of score, you know, outside of markley of Dickens score on the perimeter. It's really tough cover defensively because if he gets a couple of steps, you know, you've got shooters capable shooters all around the court. I think man Caro hitting his threes really has to me. It's what's taken duke cut into that next level. He was really good in the NCA tournament thus far hitting threes. I think in Texas state game he hit like his last three or something like that and he was solid the other night. So I think roach at the top of the key with those guys around him is really troublesome. So RJ Davis has played better defense the last month or so. He's going to have to have a really good defensive game if no Connor wants to win because roach has been that good. Yeah, and Taylor brought up the 5 man light up ratings. You look at the lineups and everything and you and sees obviously it's just their starting 5 that's even close to the top of the country and metrics and things like that. Duke's got two. Which I think is interesting. Now one of which is the starting 5 of roach, AJ Griffin, window Moore, Ben Carroll and Mark Williams, that lineup is a 129 offensive efficiency, but 91 defensively, you and sees is one 19 and 81. So it's a much better defensive unit, but dukes defensive unit is where it's kind of where I think is interesting here. And something that I know we talked about earlier with Mark Williams versus Theo John. But this lineup of roach window more Trevor keels been Caro and Theo John. It's a little smaller,.

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