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We've been talking about the evolution of you. Know like how the nhl nine detroit franchise grew jack adams and then how entering the season The roster had to you know they they realized in nineteen thirty four thirty five that this you know if they were going to compete with the likes of the with the especially with the tigers but even with the lions they had to be competitive. The thirty five th. They're going to thirty five. They knew that they had to put a real good team together. or just become relevant and irrelevancy in sports means is the kiss of the final kiss of death and so they knew they had to do something so that so they really started plowing. You know. we talked about the money. They spent on players the creativity that jack adams had in phnom getting players in also on how the minor league team was chipping and players. Beat the minor league team. The olympics beat college olympics. Actually beat the parent club which detroit red wings which led adams to look at minor league team. Certainly saying you know this is a team. That's got some components I should just bring the entire minor league team to the majors. Just call a day. But he's got brought in brought in book but instead he he he went for the the guys team but so so anyway. So we've gone on. I think we've done pretty good job going through the main player acquisitions sort of one sort of a final at least one more component to talk about. Which is. i think it's so important as i was thinking about what we should do for today's show. Yeah it is something. I wanted to do something. I really want to spend at least one show on in seoul in. It's something we touched on early on. Like maybe four or five episodes ago which when we started talking about doug young. Yeah so doug young is going. Is doug young. Yep screen so doug young. We want to go back a little bit in time to when we first introducing doug young. We've talked about doug young as a defenseman. He's one of the one of the guys. Jack adams has identified as a core player for this team. He's identified this guy as a as a as a great player Is one of his five core guys. He's not trading. Doug young but the problem with doug young is that doug young had not had yet to reach his potential and so jack adams going into the season he brought he got scotty bowman for fast defenseman. He knew he was pretty much set with scotty. Part of that fifty thousand dollar deal with city young. He's got doug young who is basically. We're talking about the defenseman. He's now he's looking at defensemen and needs at least four solid defensemen for this for this. New team is putting together. So he's got scotty bowman. This is new. Like sorta you know young edition all the And then he's got Doug young who is good but hasn't yet great. He's got potential in baucau idea what he's going to get with bucko he knows bucko did great with the olympics on the nhl though it's another story it's a complete mystery..

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