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Eight four Domos pick and roll latches. You got big job tests Johar heads always helps the big guy a few verbally communicate and say get back. Get of I am I got Email. So this is gonna do a better job at what reads go to work let go right livers little ball between the legs. Spitting on Fernando stuck with rely back outside percents of the eight four Maryland since it high right handed dribble hook shot off the high glass dropped through our I look to the rappers. Are you kidding me? Joe Smith is right across the way, former player of the year. When Maryland was the seat is shaking his head with a heavy heavy smile. Hey, Simpson came out of there with poems up saying, hey is what I meant to do. No doubt. Call it for Nando at the left. Elbow fakes the hand off to a yellow goods. It's overplayed by pool. Now college wiggles his way to the free throw line. Had it stripped by pool. Loose on the deck Simpson here Michigan left to right. He's got pulling the right corner. Feeds at three on the way long backside. Karen by Lindo junior falling out of Al Mukalla, Maryland right to allow Walgreens down eight six Michigan just to for their first nine Colorado screen from Pernando tosses left wing for a yellow a ball fake pool. What was the left shoulder took into the paint draws a foul. Jordan pool I on Michigan, Colin Casselton will hustle into the greens. Hope you had a chance to listen to our pre game show Casselton input John pesky. We've talked with the talented freshman from Daytona Beach, Florida, the competence that's starting to grow a little bit with him. Especially after coming off a career high eleven point performance near the win over Nebraska. He'll be matched up another talented freshman in Jalen Smith, who's back in for Maryland Brunel, Fernando sits down also in his Aaron Wiggins Wiggins wears to in white Cowan with a jab step around liberties stops at the dotted line and through the hands at Smith on the attempt to pass. I'll tell you what this team is engaged defensively. Michigan Michigan is and for what I'm seeing from the bench and Charles Mathews. I mean, he's not able to play here. But I'm mean, he's got plenty advice that he'd given these guys as people to either be garden, so coats, another coach, you gotta love that data on the right wing. A jab step our drive a right hand in Florida. Oh, good. Loose ball. Brent? My bras is short. He draws a foul. He'll go to the line. Ignace brice. He alone has three offensive rebounds. Four excuse me yet Kerry four all four of his rebounds, run the offense. I'll tell you. That's one of the things that teams just don't like. I mean, if a tune love, I believe in. Hey, you press down and. Dagoes two free throws coming here to try not it up eight bakes the first David Julius will hustle in for Michigan. He'll take the place of Jordan pool. I love the call by. The class. Let's say you're ugly. Biggest brush Mark Turgeon goes to the Tel the knock up you tell them. I said that. Yeah. Says of the bras makes the second and then puts both fingers to his ears. I can't hear you. But coming I love this story tied at eight. Yeah. And that's that's stuff you feed off. You know, what I'm quite sure. His teammates winning one hundred percent sorelle Smith is into the game from Maryland. Ten in white Cowan hesitation drive on Simpson. Florida off the glass. No good by lingo, Julius. Yacht which immediately starts screaming at Colin Pasol to do his job at ten eight Maryland Michigan left to right, bras, Davis, push paths, left wing percents nods to Casselton lobs inside castle to the man that's big time. Come with the gas. You just. Skirt memo masked.

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