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That's actually why every income report, which we actually recorded one today, has our tax professional. Mister CPA on fire himself, Ron, give an amazing tax tip. And this one's actually above the inflation reduction act, which impacts all of us as entrepreneurs. So I love that share, Mary, for sure. Give us one unique keyword here. Unique strategy that we can use marketing our business. Creating a resume as an entrepreneur. And I also want to talk a little bit about why it's important to create a personal brand for job seekers, and a saturated marketplace. Because the reality is that as an entrepreneur, so many incredibly talented individuals. And as a job seeker, you know, the job market is incredibly saturated and most industries. And so many of my job seeking clients are competing for sought after positions at some of the world's leading companies. So it's my job to create to help them create a brand and a story that highlights their unique value through their achievements and their impact. So there's a bit of strategy that goes behind this. And it's also my job to maintain that up to date expertise on current human resources processes and systems to give them that leg up in the market. And it also means that their brand needs to be carefully written so that they don't deter themselves from getting past those automated screeners or the applicant tracking systems that many companies have put into place today. And then it also needs to be compelling enough to stand out to a human reader. So for them copying and pasting the job description into the resume just won't cut it. And so another way that a job seeker can differentiate their brand is by creating compelling cover letters and optimized LinkedIn profiles. And again, I've been incredibly blessed to work with a lot of highly successful clients who've gone on to land super high paying jobs at some of the world's leading companies. Google, Amazon, Tesla, SpaceX, Apple Microsoft, meta Pfizer, Johns Hopkins, and so many more.

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