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Getting paid by station from iheartradio is nothing happens. Smart speaker and do it again. Then just listen to KFI radio station. Six forty show. Let's take more phone calls. Mold the longest Joe in Pasadena. Thanks, bob. Hey, how you doing Brosio e? Yeah. Hey. I grew up in Highland Park. You know, what that is true? Yeah. Grew up there by family came here years ago from New York, I'm the Chaldean. And. I work at the Palestinian senior center in Pasadena in old town old town Pasadena. Absolutely. Yeah. Yeah. I worked at a private security guard. I mean when you're talking about. Highland park. You're talking about off the one ten the old one ten freeway. Yeah. Yeah. That's a real rough. Very right. They're licking heights cypress park. All yeah. I mean, look there's a lot of that's a tough area. And it's also it's also tough to get on the freeway in that area to where I grew. When I grew up all the guys all the guys, I grew up all their friends. They're all dead from gang violence is that right? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Because Dr John Damian hundreds of gangs. It's still there. I will never stop. You know what I mean? Just you know, that's how I grew up. I want the one guy survived there. How'd you do that? Well. And. Fighting. But anyways, I'm gonna tell you that in the past senior center, I do work for Carver security there. And they have a nice big old thing every Wednesday for the seniors. Let's that's do you play. No, no, no. I don't and also. So anyways, my father worked in the motion picture business years ago on the old Warner buzzer and studios. Oh, that's pretty cool. And I got memory to tell you he worked with all the guys Bob Hope change junior. Boris karloff. Bela Lugosi, he used to tell he saw John language Twenty-one you've done early twenties. He worked with three stooges laurel and hardy who work with all crazy. What do you do? Now. I do private security at the senior center, right? Yes. We there's a parking lot there for the seniors right near the goal line train of the goal line station. New train, right. And I would right between there, and we have a lot. I gotta tell you talking about gang. We have a lot of problems right there. The sheriff. And the police got control that build the train brings all of drugs. The drugs I have to get them off to. Pocket near the good. Gold train station is in Pasadena off of lake. I believe it's it's the one that's a tach to an apartment building. And there's a king taco there as well. King taco was Royal Parkwood right down the street Parkway union, right that that's a safe station because the passing of the cops are always on top of that station. Yeah. Sure. Then sheriffs to the sheriff. So they're battling. But we have you right? Down there. All right, man. That's right. Joe? Thanks for phoning photos again, Bob. Alright Bye-bye ten ten ten you. Go. At my my old, CB talk, John and seamy valley on KFI. Hi, yellow, John. Hey, you're on. My son's at IU. He's listened to Jesse Jackson rail. And. They want to say, hi. How the hell do the boys? Ding Dong with your kids. How old you guys? I'm well. Nine and twelve. Equals twenty one blackjack. We always thinking at the table. Never too young to turn the kids on onto degenerate behaviour. Eight is dad ever take you out to the racetrack. Motocross race track. Oh, I see. I see. Okay. You guys into motorcycles? Yeah. Oh, that's great out in the desert. Sometimes the news like track in Gorman. Do the environmentalists give you a hard time out there? Not yet. I'm sure they will. Well, you'll your dad will teach you eventually there's a certain thing on your hand, that's useful for that. You know, what I mean, do you know, how many parents take their their their own upbringing in their hands when they call you and their kid. Hey, look, it's a crapshoot. What did they what are you guys? Interesting. You guys are good at school the kids. Yeah. Yeah. The both going seamy valley we live up in the Knowles, which is in the beautiful very east end. In the new development up there. No, actually, my house built in nineteen forty. I have a big, wow. Where you live in Seaney valley and the house was built in the forties. Yeah. Man. That's one of the first homes out there then. Yeah. I live on the very east, and oh, I see. Okay. All right. Yeah. You live right up near the Santa Susanna pass. Yes. I love that area. Okay. It's very nice. You live. Do you live near that? Big smiley face. That's just north of us. Yeah. Oh, that's north of you. Oh, I know where you and you're an old town. Me. Yeah. Yeah. The original settlement area. Oh, that's beautiful there. By the way, I used to take my daughter out there because there's so many people out there the decorate for Christmas, and it's safe out there. We used to be that we used to drive out there and just drive around or walk around out there. Oh, yeah. We lived not far from Corgan Ville. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Announced coming together. You know? Yeah. There's a horse. Yeah. That's all horse property out there. Yeah. But he allows us to to ride up in the back. That's great. Dirt bikes there. You're you got a pretty cool daddy's taking pretty good care. You what do you do? Joe? What do you do, Johnny? What are you living? I worked for myself doing home remodeling handyman. Is that right? I was at the studios. Is your number start with eight oh five. Yes. And then there's a four. Okay. I'm gonna call you. I need a good handyman. Yeah. I think I think you're going to be getting a lot of calls from this crew, buddy. You work in Burbank. How about Santa Clarita? Yeah. Sure. How about Santa Clarita? That's not far. All right. That's great. I was wondering if you remember Mike my son one evening on the Jesse Jackson show. They gave the ice cream that they were offered could Jack. Oh, that's quite you. Remember that? Yeah. Yeah. That was really cool. I do remember that because Jack originally called in to get ice cream and ended up with sixty grand and your kids called up, and they said give it to Jack. Instead, I do remember that those are your kids did that did that. Yes. On their own. That's awesome. That's pretty cool. You're you're raising these kids, right? They're good kids. Are you now kids are you? Now calling to try to get those ice cream passes back. No. Did you guys? Hear Caroline Jack on the show last night. No, no. So not. Real dedicated listeners. Oh, no. Oh, no. No. So. Yeah. So Caroline, Jack. Jack auditor a really good school in in. Keto says say John Boston John Carroll says it was because of the listeners that's where the generosity in like, this guy's kids helping out. Hey, fellas. What are your names? What are the kids names? Ethan, man, Johnny. So so wait a minute. So ethan's the older one. Yes. And then Jonathan's named after you the younger one. Johnny. Yeah. So you waited you pass the first boy named the second one afternoon. I love that. But his middle name is John LIC. So they're both have a little bit of John in them. Yeah. The seventh generation. Wow. That's cool. Hey, Ethan, and John hope your mom's not listening. It's it's really much cooler hanging out with dad, isn't it? I know. Yeah. Dad takes your motorcycle riding by the ice cream when he shouldn't. Bye. Bye. Yeah. I know I'm just a travel trailer in July this year. Oh, that's great. Not a big one. We go road trip media. Excellent. Hey, buddy. I'm gonna call you John? It sounds like you've raised a some great kids their kids, we need a ding Dong. Both yet. All right. Two three. With you kids. All right. Thanks for calling them to call you, Bob. Okay. Giants stike. Congratulations, man. That guy's raising good kids out. There are David norcal. We'll talk to you next. You've been known for thirty one minutes and nine seconds. That's a long time. And hope it's worth it. We're live on KFI. Rain. And so Cal means a super blow of wildflowers in the desert is just weeks away a man accused of fatally shooting a gas station clerk in New Orleans has had to plead with authorities to.

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