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Here. I didn't even know he said that was an option. That's crazy I I neither neither do we how we got into that conversation but Jesse gave us that information. We're like what the heck. What do we do with this before we let you go? Your boy by the way on. Twitter had so much fun in that water today. The child's did you take the puppy out. Yeah he seems so happy. Oh man that's my thing off season. I try to do it in season two. But it's like a five mile walk through the woods here in Nashville. There's this area. That's just beautiful. You would think you're somewhere out in out west like Colorado and it's about four and a half to five miles and every day I wake up. They look at me like ah going on today today today today. I mean every day and I try to do it off season five days out of the week and and Golden retrievers just love all their hope for a couple of squirrels maybe a few chipmunks dive into stream post walk and support and then they sleep the rest of the day like stuffed animals. Yeah they're they're they're they're they're living the life. Let me tell you so. Happy the video so good on twitter. He so happy in the water while drinking the water. Yeah absolutely. That's my hey it's the greatest off season enjoy the vacation time with the family. It's been great doing this. PODCAST with you guys looking forward to getting back together down the road. It'll be here before we know we'll hop together for spring ball maybe right. Oh that'd be great if we could. We'll wake up from his slumber because I know hibernates so we decided Clemson Simpson and Ohio State and Georgia and Oregon or probably going to be the team's at least early. I think Florida W sneaking around too new. That'd be for we might go back to having a great Florida Georgia game this bad this year. But we're Alabama. We might not even getting mentioned. Look at him I mean. Jeez he's poor Alabama with whom you say they're the team to beat in the SEC. West as we sit here right now yes I would too. Is it fair to say by the way I took some heat for this too by the way for this comment I made. But is it fair to say that a healthy healthy to a was the best chance to beat. Clemson I mean Lsu. Excuse me and Alabama was the best chance to beat to beat. Lsi the Christie's they came. Close I wouldn't mind seeing Ohio state second. Ohio state would have been fun to. I wouldn't mind just in fields against that defense with weapons he added Atwood. Jk and those receivers that would have been a great face said bringing the heat against Joe. Holiday Inn that fiesta bowl defensive line Sino chase gets credit so that entire defensive line was was special and Other teams in that top ten when it's never too who early Lok Oklahoma. They're gonNA see their quarterback situation with Spencer rat. Learn Penney doesn't matter. WHO's a quarterback Matt as long as Lincoln there? Lincoln's there were good score. Forty five of those have been fun and I'm sure we'll talk down the road time Yup and that'll do it. It's been a fantastic tastic year. my first time doing a podcast so I wanNA thank everybody for their patients We've had I think eighteen weeks of coverage talk in college football My favorite thing and pollock and Herbie. They've been fantastic. And as well as our guests through I've in Maysville and Heather finished in the middle of the season Taylor. Josh wink has done a fantastic job. As producer he came in about a month into the season and we didn't miss a beat and I know that is not easy to do so big. Thanks the Taylor Ellen. What he's done for the majority of the season to make sure this podcast comes to you three times a week? Want to thank our sponsor here for today's podcast. That his allstate we'll be back next week. Jaquith executive director of the Rhesus senior. Bowl Jim Nagy with a little draft talk of our own until then enjoy the rest of the week..

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