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Recounted. Um, in a way of looking back. With regret on something that he had done. More so just brazen. This is what I had like this. He talks about murder. He said This was the first time that I seriously considered murder. Right the first time. Anybody else catch that? Yes. You know what I'm saying? Yes. Oh, that's like the first of many, right? And he said it was almost like a rite of passage. Like losing your virginity is how he was thinking of it. Yeah. I mean, it's just so crazy and what did he What's the line that, he said? I mean, there's a whole bunch of he said. Well, I didn't think it was right to take a human life as he contemplated murdering a former bandmate and burning her alive in our own home. He said, Uh, I didn't think it was the right to deny myself the chance of causing someone to die either, especially someone whose existence meant so little to the world and to herself. I mean, hi. By the way, if you're just joining us, we're talking about rocker Marilyn Manson and some of the the allegations against him by a previous girlfriend, Evan, Rachel Wood's who is in actress. And I I just don't understand. Like did this girl get a restraining order against him? Especially after reading this and belittling her and saying that she has no purpose and her existence means nothing. He went on to say, you know, in his statement yesterday that he posted on Instagram a day or two ago, Marilyn Manson said. My intimate relationships have always been consensual and like with like minded partners, regardless of how and why others are now choosing to misrepresent the past. That is the truth. Um what? What to say there? There's there's a little bit of a It's a little bit of like, what's the word? I'm looking for immunity, you know, like because you say it's in a relationship and it was consensual. But that is ah, maybe a top player way of looking at that, as opposed to saying what sort of an atmosphere Did I convince this person to become comfortable with? Is there still any room to ask objectively if something is sexually healthy or not? This is called manipulation and groaning, because if you look at Evan, Rachel Evan Rachel Wood's story It sounds familiar. It sounds like the women who are talking about or one of the ex girlfriends of Armie Hammer. Who says, you know, I wanted him to like me. Wanted, you know, there's there's that vulnerability that somebody if somebody sniffed that out, it's very easy to manipulate that person into Pleasing you and wanting You to think this is okay? Even if your gut is telling you, I don't feel comfortable with this. But I wanted to like me and I want to be perceived as cool. You know, I want to be the cool girlfriend. I think a lot of women, especially young women, have suffered from that. It's very disturbing. Anyway, There's a really good on article in the New Yorker, Um, on Marilyn Manson's reckoning, it's called The Maryland Manson Reckoning. I would definitely, um Check that out. If you want to know more about this because I'm getting irritated. Can I? Can I mention something else about Marilyn Manson that is lighter. Sure that's not the direction that you're thinking. I remember when I was a kid Grant, you might remember this because I feel like this was more of a schoolhouse Rumor. And it was the name of the nation to era of the Internet back in the mid nineties. The rumor was that Marilyn Manson was actually the same actor who played Paul in the Wonder years. I am remember that ever that shook me to my core when I heard that, and I was like, what would you do it, please Paul Marilyn Manson. And I thought of it, and you couldn't just go online and dispel the rumor And so then, for for like a period of time, good bye believed that Paul from the Wonder years was Maryland Mansell. That's scary, too. Also scary. You're not alone. Steve. That was definitely I remember that. And it shook me to the court to because that was such like the wholesome. You know, Winnie and Kevin and Paul is the nerdy guy. I think it was because they both had big noses. And prominent noses, and they're like, Oh, yeah, That's Paul. So we Paul was the best friend. Yeah. Paul was the nerdy guy like him. He was my favorite, My favorite character on that show. Well, this thing you would probably like beautiful people wasn't like kind of a real Italian kid. Like that kid. Yeah, Yeah, but but but dorky. Yeah. Paul Pfeiffer, Paul fights Pfeiffer played by Josh Saviano. Not Marilyn Manson. A k a Brian Warner. All right, Um, just one less thing I would like to say that has nothing to do with Marilyn Manson. I just wanted to mention to everybody that might talk. One of 71 is presenting my talk. Loves local. So even with like all the pandemic optimism, small businesses still need our help. They need our love. So all month long we're going to share some of our our favorite. Some of this Favorite local businesses. That's what really, really excited. It's very exciting, eh?.

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