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In hamilton dc musical hamilton. Yes do you know. There's like a phrase like in the room where it happened. Exactly you were in the room where you know. It's amazing so well tell me. Some stories about people don't realize that the the fate of the whole series could actually be in your hands in the decision that you make about certain injuries. So can you tell me about Two decisions you had to make one with scottie. Pippen and one with jordan himself. Yes well there was. There was a playoff game This was in on may twenty fifth nineteen ninety eight. It was in indianapolis and the bulls were playing the The the indiana pacers and in the first quarter michael jordan went up for a rebound and was poked in the eyelid in blood was pouring from his eye so he and i walked off the court together. And i had a decision to make. And that was do i- suture the eyelid. Which would have meant that the of blood would have stopped. But he couldn't have gone back into the game are do i sterry strip the laceration which meant that he could have gone back into the game but that the wound could've come open and blood could started pouring out a game so for a moment while i was making that decision. As in my mind's eye. I saw the headline and the chicago tribune next morning chicago. Bulls loose playoff. Dr michael lewis dropped the ball so so it's not just a stressful for the players The doctor sometimes have stressful moments as well. But the An actually in the last dance. You can see an image of michael jordan with his sterry strips and fortunately the sterry strips held but it was a profound lesson for me and humility because i could have done everything right and the results might not have worked out. Well so it was. It was again a profound lesson in humility another It was a.

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