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Now, she's been. Dipping her toes into the political waters before because she outright stumped for Stacey Abrams Georgia the governor's race. You might remember that. Yeah. Which some would argue was very divisive Cassese Abrahams that went onto refused to concede for the longest time. So should Oprah be actually writing essays lecturing anybody on anything? And I think a lot of advice of MRs coming from her side of the aisle. It's a lot of the so funny that it's being said that we're so separated as a nation when when when you're right. A lot of the device is coming from the other side, you're looking at these celebrities, and they're they're almost like lobbyists now absolutely tied in with the media with backlashes completely on an underway against all of that though. I really truly believe that people have had enough. What's going to be really interesting is come twenty twenty. When you have all these Democrats that are going to be running for the for that to be the Representative for the Democratic Party against Donald Trump, watch them all eat each other alive because they're all on the same page right now. But now once they start putting their own beliefs in front of each other. It's. Is going to be a very very very interesting situation. The field is probably going to be twenty people deep. It's gonna look like the Republican was sixteen. It's going to be survivor. Twenty twenty is what it's going to look like and possibly naked in the free. Which is scary as a whole I'm afraid of. But who will run well, Jimmy Komi, James Komi? He doesn't care as long as we come together. Apparently as a nation and make sure Trump doesn't win. I can tell you that all of us. She us every breath. We have to make sure that the lying stops on January. Twentieth. Here's the by the way, this is the greatest part of that story where did he say that at the ninety second street y in New York City spoke at the Y, so bizarre. He goes from speaking before congress behind closed doors were for apparently hours. We haven't got the transcript yet. But ours he said nothing like, I do not recall. I don't know literally nothing hundreds and hundreds of times the same guy who remembered everything when he was on his book tour..

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