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Seventy the answer dot com I guess I I'm gonna have to weigh in on the comments from the. Agent represents Jacob degrom and the the quote the things that he, said yesterday, concerning degrom his future if he's, got one with the Mets, the Mets and what they, wanna do, as far as the trade deadline which comes up now, in less than two, weeks and you. I took a lot of, time over the weekend to think about. You know the. Mets situation where they're going if anywhere by the. Way did you see the Mets the. Cancer the cancerous tumor that runs throughout the fiber of this the spank ripped. Organization and. I don't I don't mean bankrupt literally but figuratively in in many other ways They they fired Terry Francona son who I didn't even. Know it was working for the Mets and the reason they fired, him it, just speaks to the awful state, of affairs, and the cancer, that runs so deep within, this organization, I'll get to that but you know sticking over the, weekend about the Mets, and the trade. Deadline and everything else and, we learned Matt's Syndergaard and the Graham And everything. Else and I think I've. Concluded some things as far. As the Mets and their. Trade deadline aspirations if they have any as far. As, that's concerned my thoughts on that whole thing I would not trade the Graham I would not trade Syndergaard I would not. And this is through a lot of introspection and further further thought on the whole Mets thing I I. Would not trade the, ground I would, not trade Syndergaard I would not trade Wheeler I would not trade Matt's I. Would not trade any of those four pitchers And I'll tell you why as we roll forward with the show here tonight, I'll get, into that Yankees of. Course the split the series in Cleveland Mets of course have not won a. Series sixteen straight series that the Mets of not one as. The all-star break is here upon us if you think that I'm gonna comment with one word concerning some event that took place last night as, a precursor to the all star, game which is going to be. Played tomorrow in Washington DC if you think. I'm gonna comment on some the hilarity of the redundancy of some event that took place in. Washington, that was I guess kinda sorta. Baseball related if you think. I'm going to talk about. It with one word I. Would I would urge you to change the station Flipped the, channel somewhere, else right now because. I will not be mentioning that with one single word I will not be..

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