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Exactly a doctor but here's here i found this to be interesting she said yesterday that if the fed hits the ceiling on bomb purchases they could go ahead and start purchasing corporate bonds and starks is there no limit to this quantitative e i mean this is what they're doing in japan and so it keeps me bullish on the stock market what can i say in fact in the second half you're going to talked about how bowlers shy him on the stock market right now we are meanwhile goldman stat sacks is sticking to its various oil call now before goldman sachs durant very son oil right after it oil's that one of its best weeks in a long long time and i remain extremely bowlers i'm on the total opposite them to the table from goldman sachs on all of their or a harvard in the wharton school business guys i just look at the world around me and i see oil stocks in total rally mode s and p meanwhile so that ego g marathon ceo g wix is cap it all in gas noble energy they expect them to thrive over the next several years so goldman sachs you know what i've learned over the years do the opposite of what you know remember the ohl commercial win so so talk a cf of you everybody was under ready it's quiet when goldman sachs talks do the opposite don't i know i'm sure there guys i'm everything ok how but qualcomm are they going to be bryant and xp i used a home that starks looks like ice although little bit too soon an ex pi was seis look at that it was up sixteen percent yesterday it's up seven percent today it looks like qualcomm is the suter of this netherlands based the semi conductor company.

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