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You're saying god that we we just beat up really bad in. May you know that's all look at it now. I know you can't count the chickens before they had and everything and curtis one typically person he's tall big and everything but there's been a lot of rumblings going on in the boxing community specifically youtube obviously obviously earl spence interviews julian william interviews and the possibility of a match up between those two now obviously julian he did great in the first light but can this jerry her jeopardize a potential super fai world spins and julia williams heck yeah. Could you know the earth spins thing only got brought up. I don't know if you all heard it. I was getting interview by some guys and they're you're like really big on earth spins and they were talking about fight between two black fighters on joan team and they kept bringing up rolls thinking terence crawford so you know i mean it. I'm gonna bring up the guy that i work with. You know what i'm saying. I'm not gonna help for mood. Another fight guys that i work with so i said listen you know you guys are talking about real sprinting tears crawford but julian williams earls threats got the saying <hes> management teams <music> and you can have unified one forty seven unify one fifty four dallas cowboys philadelphia eagles says they was playing matchmaker. I just played actually did so. Things took the life of his own for <hes>. Obviously we gotta win the giro her fight and <hes> we'll see but jar heard it is a tough opponent and i don't even wanna talk about nobody else and you know the fight. Juliet may have won a lot around in the fight and people think that he dominated but we had to go through a lot in champ to get in that kind of shake. The fights on my dare hurt 'cause he's big strong. He's awkward. He comes the fight. He really puts a lot of pressure on. He's not an easy fight. You know he's getting a lot of criticism now because that's just the way fans are but everybody who says something bad about logjam heard. I always ask them. Who did you have one in the fight with when the fight was announced the first fight because most people thought he was gonna kill julian but now turning me back doc loan them so you know i'm careful about that kind of stuff. It's my job to never let you overlook anybody. Speaking of the politics of boxing consis julie williams has won the championship title honestly. Has there been any like other offers from any kind of promoters or networks that you you are <hes> i. I really don't wanna talk about that. Kind of stuff probably five years reason but he is they <hes> he is a sought after commodity at this point what what's the likelihood of a unification soon with the hymie monkey looking like or do we always have to consider the politics of boxing when thinking of cross broadcasting aw man that's that's a great question. I would love to hymie mongolia fight a that's the fighting i actually act for but it just it just doesn't look like that is going to be feasible. <hes> we've already agreed to fight a win harrison charleville so you know uh-huh julian. Don't get an easy road man. That's another tough fight but i will love honeymoon ghia brought. It just doesn't look like it's possible. It's something that was very <hes> you you know i i wanted to fight <hes> and but you know some things are are are bigger than me brother. Just you know what i'm saying so it doesn't look like we won't be able to get their fight. You spoke about the winner of harrison and charles. Oh right and you know i don't wanna be the one to add something into the mix and ruin that possibility but at one point at what point does your fighter or eighth fighter become pay-per-view worthy right like does it matter if you're on pay per view as long as they're paying you the pay per view money or does it matter to get old paper because you could only get pay per view money on pay per view an alley say that no really knowing whether charl the winner and you know jerry heard williams winner.

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