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Tweets already buster bleacher tweets for a wednesday. You got something for me. Busters start off with i do. I have a postscript to that story about the mutant funds fence busting cow with the shortened tail. a couple of my siblings. I texted them Some of the response. We're getting Yesterday on social media to that story And they reminded me about something i i. I was either not aware of her completely forgotten. I mentioned that when debbie was born. her mom dana Mistook her tail for the umbilical cord and bid offer tail. So she like you know like a four inch tail. Well when debbie's first cap was born. She bit off that calf's tail her daughter tail as well. So there's something in dna where they didn't get quite the umbilical cord thing. Right you know collect classic family story there multigenerational that that would make a great little novella at it's hilarious. People were having a lot of fun with that on twitter yesterday. I told my father-in-law that the whole thing and he belly laugh like. I don't think i've ever heard him belly laugh. Thought it was absolutely hysterical. Let's kit on to the tweets here andrew campbell. By the way. I told bucky dent that story to yesterday when i was interviewing during the third inning told him that story and he laughed and i said i was rooting against you bucky. I gotta say it was written hard against your team that day. that's great. I'm glad you got to share that. With what it all comes. Full circle injure campbell writes in. Hey buster is the new york yankees twenty twenty one campaign the most disappointing single season outcome for a franchise in the last ten years. Wow that is a big statement from andrew. What do you think no. I mean look at yes disappointing. Because the yankees in the standard is to win the world series and they weren't as good as what people thought. When i think of two thousand twenty one i think the season for the padres and the mets is far more disappointing exit. Any make the post season you agree. They didn't play five hundred ball. I gotta say the yankees haven't had a losing season thirty years Yankees fans red sox fans can be a little delusional a time with their success. Paul hedging hedging rates in at paul. Kpi x. the real shock of the ale wildcard game isn't that the red sox the yankee's instead the game took less than four hours which is certainly notable in. I unfortunately do catch up on this game on dvr and i crushed it in about an hour forty minutes and i'm sure you're glad being a working man last night that it was efficient. It had a nice pace to it. I gotta say that game had a nice base to it. I don't know what the the final time was. But i didn't care. Because it's a nice pace stewart. Melvin reveron at reveron. Melvin writes in. I read the new york times article about our pool is pool host considering managing after retires. Do you think he'd be a good manager. I think about pools is someone who has a lot of interests in his life and if he were decide he wanted league baseball. That wouldn't surprise me If out and i've always gotten along well with our Well with them. Enjoy talking with them If he were a close friend he wanted to manage. I would give him a piece of advice which i think would be really important during his career like a lot of competitive people. You remember kobe. Bryant us do this. Michael jordan used to do this I remember when i covered the yankees. Roger clemens used to do this he would find a reason to not like somebody because he competing person and i think done that during his career he would need to get past that right. Because you got twenty five twenty six guys in your clubhouse different personalities. He would need to get past that. And i think you would understand exactly what i was talking about when i would mention that till tom. Struggle at tj struggle rates and after seeing my beloved nats dismantled at the trade deadline shows are internal go onto success with the dodgers trae. Beat soto for the batting title. What chances do you give mr national ryan zimmerman returning for a curtain call season. He got that curtain call on the last game regular season. But do you think he'll be back in washington. It felt like the end. Yeah watching that you know the way. He responded the way. The fans responded. I have not asked him about that if he were to retire. Would not be surprised. Pk steinberg our guy rates and add. Pk steinberg taylor. You buster all the guests and the hashing bleacher tweets are companions on my ride home from work every day. I never noticed traffic lights. And such though i abide by them because the content is always. So good thank you. We're going to be patting ourselves on the bat back here a little bit. Buster we love these nice tweets that that everyone so thank you. Pk yeah absolutely pk. And thank you for taking the time to write in. Write in all your tweets. You're one of the superstars of the pod from pk. Phil gordon at earl of surrey hill rates in. Thank you for the regular season. I've listened to the listen to every podcast in spring training or remember the cucumbers. I forgot about those. It's been nice skate for forty five minutes. Each day is sydney's been locked down since june. Who do you think makes the world series. Good.

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