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The NHL last year again before shutdown all these these are these figures before we even got into that conversation, so people were still going to games without any concerns NHL. Averaged Seventeen, thousand, three, hundred eighty. Baseball's nearly ten thousand more eleven thousand more than NHL `bout, the same for the NBA NBA averaged seventeen, thousand, one, hundred and eighty eight. So a lot more people going to a baseball game on. That number continues to stack up and add up throughout the course of the season, so that's certainly an issue and baseball in the or NBA. NHL The other thing to think about too is. You know. Where they're concerned with not as many players. Not As many players in the NBA. That's one situation for sure. Man The fat again? Major League, Baseball get one regular season game in the book didn't get anything in the books. And it shall an NBA did get most of their season completed. So. That's why you're not hearing with these other. That's that's the main reason and I've got a full list here, too. Just how the Economy Works and Major League Baseball compared to the NBA Nhl the salary cap thing is certainly a big deal as well. I mean that's that's nothing to sneeze at. That that is something where. You Look at how the NBA is structured. How the NHL STRUCTURED WAY DIFFERENT! I mean the getting all those leagues done and then the fact that they have they have salary caps. The Winter Sports have one baseball does not. Their salary cap levels are tied to revenue negotiations to adjust their compensation every year. So. I mean it's just a way. The business of baseball is way more complicated. First avantage text line, three, one, nine, nine, six, three, one, nine, nine, six forty five minutes after the Hour GonNa take a quick break here. Our power to play sports poll question of the day. Go ahead and vote their force. Who should give in if I mean we? We want baseball to happen sooner or later. They gotta start this week man. They got to get it done this week. Don't you think if they want to start on the fourth of July? It has to be done this week. So, who should give in? Do you think the owners flat out needed to say? Hey, you know what we'll do it. We'll hook you up with a little bit more or add a few more games. Or two players this need to say. Hey, we're we're. We're happy to get something out of this thing or do you think there's probably truth somewhere between I can't decide. There should be no league this year. There should be no season this year forty six minutes after the hour. This is the whole show powered by energy. We're live from the auto collision. Specialists Studios doco anywhere. We'll be right back. Missing.

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