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And doing all the kind of things an intent does an office. I went back to school after we finish the we. Can I finish my exams. And then I had the intention of going back you could leave school back then at sixteen ecksteen and if you wanted to go to university or college or to do the final. Two years of my intention was to do. The last. Two years of schools are seventeen eighteen which is called sixth form in the UK UK. In the summer. Before I started six I'd gone up to London with a friend and my uncle lived in London time and going up to London with a big deal. It was a country farm. Go Oh and so. We were sort of been London. You know walking along Oxford Street kings row go into the museums and my mom called me one day and she said you better go and POCA head into the modeling agency because Darling. It's not what you know. It's who you know in fashion and that was one of the many Sri pieces of vice. My Mum's giving me over the years. And so I sort of you know begrudgingly. Kick my hails and went and poked my head in and there was a new book her and she said You know I've been tasked with building out a new faces division. Can I take some polaroid's view this you know. Maybe something and she took some food came back in. Oh Wow she took some polaroid's she went back. She came back. You know ten minutes later and she said in need to grow your eyebrows. We'll have to do something about the head the braces I guess they'll come off in time. Hopefully the skin clear up. But what do you want to go out on some costings and I thought all I WANNA do is go on a shoe because then I can see what job opportunities there are within the fashion industry. Because you didn't talk was these images that you'd see in magazines and and I was always fascinated by what went on to make these images. What was the creative tip process of it who was onset It was just so magical to me and so I said yes I would love to out on some costings and very quickly. CLE- started to get opportunities to test shoots and then quickly from that. Started to to get bookings and it was then a few months later I was in New New York. A voice been really lucky with my career always worked wherever the work has been quality dispute it. But I've been really lucky I've always worked to move to New York so that was when I was sixteen. I then spent a bit of time. Just traveling I went back to school. Remember my my mom saying to me and I sort of had a bit of breakdown and she said you father and I will support whatever you do but this sounds like a once in a lifetime opportunity and I think you should run with it because it seems to be going. I'm pretty good. Oh they were completely out of it and so at seventeen. I decided to leave school. Go full time and spend a Lotta time in Paris in Europe and then went to New York for two weeks and called my mom and said I'm not coming up getting my first apartment. I love you and she was like great. Go for it and it's truly being. I think the biggest gift my parents have given me as the encouragement to fly. And let me go thing. I think if parents are constantly Salih handcuffing their heads. Then you're never know what they're potentially my mom at seventeen. I graduated high school and the next month. She was like you have to leave this house. Yeah it's like it's time for you to go fine. I'm just moving to New York. She said Great. Go do it and it was the best thing for me. Even though I don't know if I will let my seven year old kid leave. Yeah I know and this is the thing now being a mom I look back on that and I think gosh you know every day. I'm with my son. I think that's one less day. I have of you in my arms. You know you really start to think of these things. That's why I always consider it being the greatest gift that they that they could ever give me just to give me the encouragement support and still to this day. I know that that they're in the same house. I grew up in that just consistent support a normal and grounded and it's and I think it kept me going through all the ups and downs. So yeah because I share a similar career in yours. I mean in the beginning of catalog. Yeah wait like those cute little checks through back. Nobody would know your name. They don't really know your face. How long were you doing catalog until your big big break and I want to know what that was when I started jewelry? The considered commercial or editorial in high fashion commercial modeling as you know. Is this brand's catalogue it's Smiley. It's happy it's wholesome dancing. It's approachable and editorial is much more creative. It's fashion bleach timer. Yeah it's it's smug look. Yeah it's extreme. It's sort of fantasy fashion and luxury. And so so I always fitted into the commercial side and as a commercial model of you were successful. You made money and actually in many cases you made more money than high fashion. Go so luckily for me even though it was never creative enough for me to do catalogue you know. It's pretty standard. It can be you so how can be pretty boring at times. But you know if it's like you say cute checks coming in. I was able to save. I bought my first apartment when I was nineteen in and for me as well. I didn't really have my big break until you know years into the industry. I pounded the pavement. I had a lot of rejection. I was doing work that you know. I wasn't happy happy with and I think that it really gave me this insight to the industry at allowed me to kind of evolve and figure out what I wanted to do and dream three and so it was then I could about nineteen that I got my big break with Victoria secret. Had A few few great moments Burberry Barberie was on my twenty. I bet that was really like a coming of age moment. And that's a big deal. First of all I wanNA come back to. Victoria's secret and burberry but before then what kept you moving. What kept the persistence of getting through catalog? And and just saying I'm not doing what I WANNA do. Yeah but I'm going to continue to keep moving on this trajectory festival because I left school so young. So let me be candid. I had nothing else to fall back on the second of all I was making money and I could see that I was saving and you know like I said I had kind of taken a leap of faith to do this. I DID NOT WANNA like go back home with my tail between my legs and I did not want to go back to school and several several because I really really dreamt and I could see this opportunity for myself and I just knew if I worked hard enough and I played my cards. That's right I could get to where I wanted to be. That's and I find like creative. Visualization really the core of any success. I've had in my life life whether it's in my personal life will career like that is at the core of everything I do is that I've allowed myself to see myself. They're always have a five year plan. I know where I WANNA go condition. It's that's that's ultimately what it comes down to. Do You do vision boards. I think I do well. I moved bought everything. My team will tell that I've seen I've seen the you know where I want to be. It's funny because last time I was home. My mom just went. Why does it come from like I? Just go around like this your father and I on like this and I think it's something I feel lucky. That's always beaten you know in in May you had a taste of it and he couldn't go back. Yeah okay so then. How old were you? When you got Victoria secret? I was nineteen. Okay so Victoria secret. Holy Crap you book the job was it everything and more when he went on set. Yes yes so I walked five shows. No I work for. Vs for about five five years. It was a dream come true. I'd had an American boyfriend for a little bit. And he said we were walking down Broadway and you know the big store and on Broadway and he said that's what you wanted to say. DRE ON LIMA. That's how I thought. Yeah that is like that is that is amazing. Like that is the best of the best to be to be part of that company and so Luckily I've actually had years of doing catalog. In Years of doing lingerie entree I was always the lingerie catalogue curvier than a long week and it was short and boobs. I think they tested me out now on one show. And then the bookings came they were always slow with me. I was never kind of like the girl that I was always very very proud to work with them at time. Yeah and that kind of helped catapult you into high fashion he. I think there was a real shift around the eight when I was about twenty. Four Victoria's secret had led me to who transforms which was my first film. I'd actually. She's not a actress ball. Actress remember versa the Maxwell and we were sitting there front row and I was like so oh you live in. La Is that because of your job and you go. Oh Do you think I'm an actor. Yeah I know I'm not an actress. Wow I'm no definitely no. It was an opportunity of a lifetime. I'm glad I I did it but I I failed that it was something. I felt really lucky to try my hand up but nothing I never felt a passion for it and I failed passion for the the things in my life. And that's a whole other story Yeah that led me to Victoria's secret we don't commercial Michael Bay cost me then in transformers transformers and then with that came this whole you know repositioning of me within within my work and also at that time industry took a big shift. I think social media just started to come into play and I think that these girls that were considered to be commercial had much more as approachability. Let's hear what there was. Just just sure that a consumer or an audience related to more with commercial models and so the the industry would see you know these goals followers and the audience was much bega and then happened where you would start to see other the women you know in these kind of high fashion and walking down the runway and suddenly we were being embraced in a different way. Yeah and then of course social social media really is taken off from the last few years which we can talk about because that is I mean your social media is amazing. I swear you put up a chair and I'm like I want that Out Good Aesthetic is so on for you have a social media team. That hope I think for me help for your I like to. I'm just taking pitches all the time. I see inspiration around me everywhere and I see it through. Phone at through. Ought through galleries architecture Fashion Film and I just felt like why am I not sharing all of these things that I've got like countless photographs about an. It's nice to know that people respond respond to them as well and I'm responding grid. Yes girl will your Hasbro. And it's consistent it's very color coordinated so well let's fast forward. Yeah you did fashion. You did runway. Your you've just had so many great moments and now your mother and jackets to jackass tune a bit now and I just i WanNa talk about what is that. What does motherhood mean to you? I was just such a journey. It's hard to even put it into words really because I will say I don't think I was in any way prepared for the emotional side. Eight of becoming a mother I never really been around babies before. I knew it was time to start a family and I knew I had this inkling unclean in me that I wanted to have a baby but the maternal instinct never really kicked in until I gave birth really eight was incredibly overwhelming on on so many different levels because hair was here. I am with this newborn baby that I had this overwhelming sense of love for and it is a huge identity shift and so that first year for me was a mix of like pure joy a lot of anxiety learning is Iran. Dan Redefining my identity to myself to my partner to my work to my son and it's a very intimate kind of have personal experience and really beautiful. Because I feel like I've evolved and grown so much and there is just nothing that comes close to how proud I fail of him and how I just stare stare all day long. So yeah because you're so close with your mom. Have you taken taking any advice from her raising Jack. Yeah you know it's funny. I think as well when I when I found out I was pregnant. You do a lot of looking back on your own childhood Ed Right. You look at the things that we're really impactful to you. The things that really shaped you the things that things that didn't shave you uh-huh and you start to kind of cultivate your own way of parenting You know I had such a great childhood on on so many levels and that but there are a lot of things I wanNA do differently. You know. I'm thirty two thirty two years ago. My parents came from you know completely different print generation and you know the world. I'm living in now. Compared to the world that I grew up in which was a very sheltered rustic country life and the world I live in today and the challenges and the opportunities and the exciting boss paced world that I live in is very different from my own childhood and so yes she's there she's there at the end of the phone own and again just such a huge support and she's just always got my back. Do you know what I make. Sure my mom and be like I've done this. You know you're in the right..

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