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Trucks traffic center. Karen stewart? Alright Bridget, let's get suet. Here's what we see on Long Island. Speak three. We've got these southern state delays. Now, I between exits thirty and twenty eight it's very heavy. And then you try to begin from exit twenty one out to exit seventeen the westbound northern state is still slow actually worse than the last time. We spoke now thirty one to twenty eight and the westbound L E delays the cross island Parkway now go all the way back to exit thirty three you get to queens on the westbound de LA e it's slow off the clearview to one hundred eighty eight and then tied up again utopia Parkway all the way out into Woodhaven boulevard, jam MAURICE avenue out into the Brooklyn queens expressway, BQ, we on the westbound side is jammed into the Kosciusko bridge, which delays going back to queens boulevard, and the eastbound side of the B Q E, very heavy there as you make your way from eighty sixth street and Vincent Hurst up into the Brooklyn Bridge. Jon Allen expressway, that's pretty jammed up to actually delays are starting around south avenue. And then it's jammed all the way out into the Brooklyn-bound Verizon. Bridge. Mass transit we've got delays Queens-bound on the as and Rockaway bound on the s trains, and here's what you need to know about the purchase tunnels. The Holland is forty five minutes. The inbound George is Forty-five for the upper but only twenty for the lower and the Lincoln has somewhere around a forty five minute delays. Well, traffic is sponsored by blade getting to the airport shouldn't be the most stressful part of your trip fly between Manhattan, New York City airports in under ten minutes. All starting from one hundred ninety five dollars. Download the blade out now at fly blade dot com. I'm Karen Stewart. Next report seven one on ten.

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