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It hurts my heart to have to share this news brother that was truly close and opportunity to sit down. Whether we came to my house. We sat down, We broke bread. On many occasions. We talk future projects, and my brother is gone way too soon. Michael K. Williams was only 54 years old. But its stars shine so bright for Boardwalk Empire Love crab country to the wire, and everybody on social media has been showing so much love. His brilliance was brilliant. Y'all We will remember him for all this powerful performances in Hollywood and the entire community as stepped up on Twitter and this show so much love Everyone from Ed Norton, Alec Baldwin. The Chance the rapper Window Price Fat Joe Martin Lawrence, Marlon Wayne's nods. So many just showing love to my brother. Let's continue to put them up there for an angel. Y'all forever takeover Michael K. Williams, one of the best ever do it, Love. You can't they Can't radio slipping falling? I can't get up through the Let me fly or give me death. I think I'm slipping and falling. I can't get up so rest. Take my breath. I've been through mass different phases like mazes to find my way. But now I know that help you day and not far away. If I'm strong enough, I lived long enough to see my kids doing something big because they were forced to be to be a man without a helping hand towards instead they're set up stupid before I got to get up. Get back. Walking cannons..

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