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In on their motorsports side as well as several other drivers in the sport. And you know I'd probably I definitely probably wouldn't be I know I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for them in. So we just keep trying to build this thing together and you know it's I don't run all the cup races, but you know we were able to go to Indie would their their car runs seventeenth burke four hundred, as well as a few races with a partnership with chip Ganassi racing and that help run the. Daytona five, hundred and six, hundred, two of the biggest races of our year and and really hit. Then we hit Indie was the third you know it's Kinda the third big one you know I wish I could run maybe Darlington or something you know just to just to kind of get all the crown jewel then have random before but premium motorsports but it's it'd be cool to do it with this group and that seventy seven car so. never say never were were trying. You know it's a tough sport where we're trying to keep. Keep our head above water daytona is a I mean it's a chaotic race in itself. Now you've got this added layer of of drivers trying to get themselves into the playoffs. Are you aware of that in the moment drafting? I mean that's got to be just such a different experience. Yeah it is You know fortunately fortunate for us and they really series as we still have five races before our cutoff. We have one less around in our playoff. So we have less races so we run more right now. In the regular season so You know yeah. There's going to be some desperate guys but I know that starting up front due to the math big old math equation Nascar has now I think we start you know the first couple rows to abstract addition. We'll have a fast car. and we will you know on the extended decide will really be able to you know I, think. Just drive hard and and try to control the race. I mean there's going to be a lot of us trying to do that and and trying to lead laps and and get stage points and win stages. But you know when when it comes to the Cup side for sure that's a it is going to be. It's a crazy race to plug into theories that I've only ran a couple times. Let alone the Cup series of that and they're. You know card that is Daytona for their regular season cutoff. So we be at totally opposite strategy there we will be safe secure towards the back you know.

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