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An account to help pay for his medical bills knx ten seventy s pete demetrio reports live now from south los angeles in the aftermath of the july fourth attack and rebulk rebuke is his hospitalization a go fund me account now has over forty two thousand dollars in it a regis has been well recovering it as well enough to assist the detectives in an effort to identify the woman and five men who assaulted him lieutenant richard rees with the la county sheriff's century station was cautious about the nature of other clues that have come in so far all this good dealer community outrage about the italian we are working with the community we are getting tips from the community and we always welcome more tips if the somebody out there knows any information on this they're welcome to call these century sheriff's station investigators are supposedly analyzing video that was taken near the scene of the attack that may contain images of one or more of the attackers they're running those pictures through gang intelligence files and other resources to see if they can identify anyone reporting live in south los angeles and pete demetrio knx ten seventy newsradio the family of the army corp from long beach she was killed in an insider attack afghanistan talking about his life knx ten seventy karen adams spoke with his father broken heart i love of the country alone my military family holds daily all says his son army corporal joseph mousy all died doing what he wanted to do and was determined to serve data i'm going to the army and i'm gonna make a career is your decision i'm behind you one hundred percent he says he last communicated with the sun friday hours before he was killed while training a man at an afghan military base who detonated a suicide vest they're not safe our military not safety we have three thousand troops he says his last words to his son where i love you the defense department is investigating the attack is third combat fatality in afghanistan this year in signal hill karen adams x ten seventy newsradio it's four thirty two are record breaking heat led to tens of thousands.

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