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And by the way, if you're a subscriber ESPN, plus you can watch the storyline unfolds with USC. Oh my gosh. Take away the corporate Monica from Jake and give it to Rick corporate, Rick. I mean unbelievable that plug. I set you up for I saw I saw it coming. But no, I I really, you know, on a on a serious note, you know, taking off the shell hat for a second. I really do like that. And I think the implications of are, you know, could be one or two away for title for either with your wanna no longer being the champion there. I think it opens up options for caroliina. So that's stuff item. Choosing. I'll throw it just a couple of other stories that I'm really curious to see how they play out. The return of Ray board who hasn't fought since the Dmitri's Johnson laws, which seems like it was decades ago at this point around two years ago, he's a year and a half and change he has been through so much personally with his son. And so finally gets her to fight. Of course, he gets a last minute replacement as far as opponents go. He's fighting Casey, Kenny who's a former elephant champ. So it's never easy for Ray board. Hopefully, actually makes it to the fight. I'm looking forward to the debut of Sabina moslo who. Is a former elephant champ in her own right against marina Moreau's. And I'm also really looking forward to the return of one. Josh emmett. Remember, Josh, I'm when he fought in Orlando against Jeremy Stevens and got his face just completely smashed in an an and was out for longtime in remember he was on the show and talked about all the issues that he had both mentally and physically following that loss, and he was on quite the run leading up to that point member. He knocked out Ricardo lamas in in just a fight that took place in just a few weeks notice. And so to see his return against Michael Johnson. I'm curious to see how he looks after everything that he's been through in what fourteen or so months his last fight. So those are the fights that I'm looking for two. In addition to the ones, you just mentioned. Yeah. Versus Johnson is an interesting one for all the reasons you mentioned, especially the fact that Ed is coming back after a serious injury to his head. Michael Johnson is is a dangerous dangerous striker. So that is that of the match up that I know that's the first one back. I would have wanted if I was on it but kudos to him for for bucking. Because I think that's going to be great. I think they're going to stand in the pocket, and and trade, and and we might be in for a highlight reel about one. You may now resume your errands, very important Ahrends. Thank you for carving out some time for us, Mr. near creek, great to catch up as always, and I will see that's it. We're done. I gotta leave you hanging. Leave you wanting more. Telcos I'll see fill it. Thank you. Near creek joining us here on the program. All right. We out of time Daniel, great producer. You can hit that music that everyone is talking about people come up to me and say, hey, what do I get that song? Download it. I get it on my phone, and I get it on my ringer. I want need more of it. I don't know how you could do any of those things. But people do ask me about that. It is true. Anyway, great episode of the program now in the books. Thank you very much better Komodo. Thank you very much, Mike bond. Thank you very much. In your Rick the saga that is Ana McGregor and the UFC continues. A story that continues to change almost every single day. Will we see Connor fight again in twenty nineteen? It's gonna be interesting to see how this plays out. What we see in fight again period point to be interesting to see how that plays out. Retirements in mixed. Martial arts has found out earlier this week with your favor. Don't always stick. And so while he hasn't one hundred percent committed to returning just yet. It seems like he is on the comeback trail as well..

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