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Eric taxes air. Guess what it's thursday album. Today is thursday. That means i don't know what it means to me. Smart probably friday. I'd be willing to bet a lot on that tomorrow. It'd be fry now. I want to bring a few fun facts. Fridays in tomorrow okay. We haven't done a lot of fun. Facts has it been so newsy crazy so cookie gonna have you will that. We haven't done a lot of fun. Facts fridays tomorrow can do some fun facts writing out today in. We got to mention this in a couple of minutes. Alan dershowitz alan d. Bogeyed his rap name buggy de victim. Alan dershowitz is going to be my guest. Either miss hours this morning off different. that's different. Oh oddly enough. Alan dershowitz probably the biggest lawyer in america right now. I can't think of anybody. I i mean who. Who were the big lawyers when used to think of like. Hey let's get so and so on the case I can't think of the guy's name. d- voted it. Was i can see his face but every generation there's one of those people Alan dershowitz is that guy. Harvard law professor Politically liberal but liberal in the old school sense since he's now in his eighties Liberal means we believe in free speech means we believe in the constitution honestly He's important he's an important voice. And i thank god for him so he is I believe he's jewish alan dershowitz and our two. We have evan. Say it Who is also jewish. Now the two of them. It's kind of interesting because Evans say it. He's become conservative but he was just a comedian and it just i. He's brilliant absolutely brilliant so to spectacular guests. We also have at the beginning of our two before. Evans say it. We're going to do an ask metaxas. I'ma gentle gentle gentle gentile. i'm a nice guy. And i'm going to do an ask metaxas with your questions we're gonna do it every thursday we've been keeping it up and we're going to be doing that today our one so i'm sorry to ask metaxas right now. Yes right now by the way who's tomorrow. We re hearing tomorrow tomorrow. Tomorrow let me look at the list. I saw my goodness tomorrow. We've got francis chan okay. That's a big one. You told me we're gonna get oj simpson on this program. Well i couldn't. But i got his lawyer. His lawyer alan dershowitz okay. Tomorrow's francis chan so friday with francis. It'd here his talk about right. Now yes before. We get to alan dershowitz but i know. He's you're preparing. Alan dershowitz He's being deposed. Last night. I turned on the tv and glendale is doing a three day. Cyber symposium in south dakota. I'm asking those of you who were 'prayers to pray today. The spiritual warfare is staggering. I really won't go into it. But i have friends on the ground. Sending me messages and You don't have to agree with mike. You don't have to like but i think you have to agree that. He's fighting for america that he believes he's onto something i'm sure he is under something reasonably sure. And that's why i talk about him It's one of the reasons. I'm very.

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