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Were still there are we are and he proves it in the playoffs you just proved to throw one of of opponents he just he just had ten turnovers in the last five games ten turnovers in the last five games he went through that three game road trip I know or not three M. road trip listen all the virtues of Jimmy around more than me but like alternately that's always something that's going to be in the back of your head that Jimmy does like throwing the ball the other Rogers okay okay the contrary beginning of the year almost have been maybe an issue in the second half of the year I mean interceptions happen they happen all of the Russell Wilson threw the ball to drink green on a huge huge moment they don't really happen injuries though it out because it doesn't all the ball more in two yards down the field is what it is they still win games that won't work at Levi that won't work outside in January it might give the defense is playing the way that it can and if Jimmy has his ducks in a row I think both of those things very possible to happen but I can't tell you I can't I can't look you in the eye and say mark they're not gonna mess this up well no course they could I'm not saying a hundred percent but showed can be sixty five percent work if we had the answers we wouldn't be doing this crap we be making a ton of money sports betting now we have all the answers that's what we're doing here all right and it's about the road if you miss ray Greenlaw earlier well how about a little bit later on in the hour will keep going with the forty Niners in it away can be are on that as well and and I do still have we asked it to croak yes I want to get both of your answers mon my my giants question as well we do that coming up next also on the on the sports legalistic traffic traffic is bounded by park MGM said the heart of Las Vegas Strip park MGM is redefined cities resort experience with an A. list entertainment re find style and unforgettable adventure that celebrates discovery with intimate moments discover more at park MGM dot com let's check on the roads from the Chilton autobody traffic desk an accident in San Jose north on Guadalupe Kirschner everything off to the shoulder it's crawled open capitol expressway also emergency road work east to thirty seven north First as anchor two left lanes are gone until three this afternoon it's a jam from Lafayette street in Santa Clara in Fremont south eighty after Stevenson secondly left is affected by crashes a jam now from the koto road and in Menlo Park an accident northbound one oh one marsh road a couple of vehicles over the shoulder stop and go traffic go from willow still the traffic alert in Concord south six city the will pass road on ramp for a trailer came loose from a truck this morning that the right lane closed until ten o'clock speech he says it'll take that long to clear looking good no meters no delay at the bay bridge you're listening to a Murphy in back of the animal now on to the end dot com through your smartphone or desktop NPR the sports leader.

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