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Truck owners of the water this is your lori giulio show much to cover him the all to come stay with us what does that everybody here and here you are and you don't hear you wear i just some i was just want to give a little shout out to the truck drivers that are just get older stuff everywhere all over the place these are challenging road times for even the regular drivers let alone these big the great trucks that are getting things took places where i see the trucks every day because we're the birlik in a trucking center run here i see them on the road has i beyond a yeah and you see in there and i'm always a man i would i would hate the that tang had to back it up by eight to merge i mean i think you know that's a real her fischer shatah you know there's killjoy are not not everybody has what it takes to be a truck no and i was ever it up for those guys and gals did you see last week or maybe the week before they had arms someone on it's a motivational kind of fitness trainer for truck drivers all because they spent several hours by themselves and they have just a high density be overweight a little unhealthy because they to set for so many are so he has this new strategy and motivational thing and dia plan where you can work out you know wherever you are f how you can eat healthy and your red yellow and because it was kind of a i've never in you get to see inside a red goma guy is the way i would game radio's charter ever because i absolutely adored truckstop food by it's my favorite by reliving and on lead singers i there's something like the you know these these truck stabbed that have been around for a long time and they tend to have like i don't know the guard well it's all god i like going into detract sob side looking around for my latest breakouts wanna i would say something there's nothing to do they're literally is nothing to say i'll put it this way okay there's a chap era there is a crash don't even say it iran how are you yet there there's there's actually reelected actually a category late gum three.

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