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Is arrested 13 years later, living under a fake name in Arizona. MarketWatch dot went through the gate down to 39 SNP down 15. CBS is next at six. Catastrophic flooding along the Gulf Coast. I think months to clean this up President Trump goes against what his own CDC director is saying. I think you misunderstood the question. Big 10 reverses course deciding to play awesome, and I'm really excited. This's the CBS World News Round Up late edition on that Piper in New York life threatening flooding. And a lot of wind and rain. Hurricane Sally Sled, an area from west of Tallahassee, Florida to Mobile Bay, Alabama Street had all of the water coming up to the right hole covers and all that. So that alarming, though it has weekends to a tropical storm now creeps north Northeast. CBS's Skylar Henry from Fair Hope, Alabama. Moving ever so slowly. The storm battered down down mobile for hours, causing trees to topple. Some residents used a break in Sally's winds to start clearing debris along Just for a few hours. Hundreds of thousands without power. Pieces of the new three mile of bridge in Pensacola, Florida have washed away after a barge mounted a construction crane hit it. W R K G TVs Daniel Smithson is there. A storm surge has washed up on underneath the bridge around the corner. There's a there's a whole ton of debris is actually kind of walking this storm surge from going up further. When might a Corona virus vaccine be available? Mixed messages coming from Washington as our Stephen Portnoy report, CDC director Robert Redfield told a Senate panel of action could be ready for limited distribution by the end of this year. But not generally available to the public until the middle of next year. Late second quarter third quarter. 2021. The president wasn't happy to hear it. I think he made a mistake when he said that.

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