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Some attention there after that you were clear toward Fredericksburg were traveling open no problems northbound on I 95 or three 95 as you go up to and across the 14th street bridge cold weather has arrived and so are the higher energy bills with no nation is here for help Of course December only get a house of windows for just 99 bucks a month Visit when a nation dot com I'm Robb stallworth WTO and a storm team four meteorologist Ryan Miller If you have plans to be outside today the weather is going to cooperate Plenty of sunshine this afternoon across the Washington region high temperatures will be into the lower 50s it's going to be a dry day and then through the overnight hours the clouds will begin to roll in will get a few light rain showers especially east of Washington into the overnight hours tomorrow Well it's going to be a noticeably warmer day upper 60s for many of us here with a really strong wind out of the southwest rain showers come in here tomorrow evening and then we're all dry and cold or Tuesday 43° a chance of some wet snow and some rain on Wednesday I'm storm team four meteorologist Ryan Miller And right now we have 51° at dulles international airport 50 to Reagan and we have 51° at BWI marshal at two 30 here at WTO P This is wtp Your source for today's top news traffic and weather always connected and constantly updated In your car at home at work and on the go WTO never miss a moment And a good afternoon to you I'm Mike Murillo Anika velas our producer coming up our breaking news former Senate Republican leader in 1996 Republican presidential nominee Bob Dole has died at the age of 98 A lab.

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