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Feel a product be it in person Cullen says an estimated 158 million people plan to shop either in store or online over the Thanksgiving weekend I'm Mike Hempen The World Health Organization's hosting a special meeting on a worrying new COVID-19 variant Advisers are holding the session to fresh out information about the variant that's emerged in South Africa though its impact on COVID-19 vaccines may not be known for weeks the technical advisory group on the evolution of COVID-19 is meeting virtually to discuss the so called B one one 5 two 9 variant This caused stock markets to swoon and led the EU to recommend a pause in flights to Southern Africa The group could decide if it's a variant of concern the most worrying type like the well-known delta variant or a variant of interest and whether to use a Greek letter to classify it I'm Charles De Ledesma The European Union says it's planning to stop air travel from Southern Africa to counter the spread of a new COVID-19 variant as the 27 nation bloc is battling a massive spike in cases EU commission president Ursula van der leyen is proposing in coordination with the member states to activate the emergency brake to stop air travel from the southern African region while Germany's health minister says the last thing we need is to bring in a new variant that will cause even more problems with the nation facing a massive spike in delta variant cases already Germany says vandalize proposal could be enacted as soon as Friday night I'm Charles De Ledesma AP news for this Friday November 26th I'm Jackie Quinn a new variant of COVID-19 is spreading alarm around the world and prompting travel restrictions The U.S. Monday will impose a travel ban from South Africa and 7 other African nations with exceptions for U.S. residents trying to get back home more from our Ben Thomas The World Health Organization has named the new variant Alma cron declaring it a highly transmissible virus of concern Meant European Commission president Ursula von der leyen was proposing activate the emergency brake on travel from countries in Southern Africa and other countries affected Meanwhile financial markets fell sharply around the world the Dow lost more than 905 points or 2.5% while the price of oil fell about 13% I'm Ben Thomas Cases have spread from Southern Africa into Belgium Israel and Hong Kong through people traveling Health officials caution more research is needed into this variant and whether current vaccines will be effective Authorities arrested a man in nourish town Pennsylvania for fatally shooting a man who was inside his home eating his Thanksgiving dinner The suspect had been arguing with people out on the street a stray bullet went inside the victim's home There was a shooting at a North Carolina shopping mall three people were injured and Durham police say they have a suspect in custody with more expected shoppers were out in force on Black Friday although fewer in years past when it was a giant event to scoop up bargains In California Christian McDonald was disappointed he couldn't find the game console he had been looking for But they didn't So I'm just going to go home I guess Music theater legend Stephen Sondheim has died He was 91 years old This is a P news This is disturbing to hear as holiday shipping begins hundreds of FedEx packages had been found in the Woods of Alabama An estimated 300 to 400 FedEx packages were found dumped in a ravine near the small town of Hayden Alabama on Wednesday The blunt county sheriff's office said deputies were sent to guard the scene until FedEx workers could arrive to pick up the packages Sheriff Mark moon said FedEx was sending multiple trucks and drivers from across the south in a statement FedEx said it is reviewing the situation and will take appropriate action I'm Mike Gracia Ukraine's president Vladimir zelensky says that his country's intelligence service has uncovered plans for a Russian backed coup to occur next week allegedly involving one of Ukraine's richest oligarchs President Biden has expressed concern about this potential threat and renewed U.S. support for Ukraine's sovereignty and self government I'm Jackie Quinn a P news Introducing venture X Capital One's new travel card for people always asking where next You are in ten X miles on hotels and rental cars and 5 X miles on flights book through Capital One travel and two X miles on everything else you buy with venture X plus receive premium travel benefits like access to over 1300 airport lounges The venture X card from Capital One What's in your wallet Terms apply see Capital One dot com for details AP sports I'm Dave ferry and Michigan has ended an 8 game losing streak in its series with Ohio State Hassan Haskins ran for 169 yards and tie to school record with 5 rushing touchdowns as the CFP number 5 wolverines whipped the number two buckeyes 42 27 CFP number one Georgia completed a perfect regular season It stetson Bennett through for 255 yards and four touchdowns all in a 45 nothing laugher against Georgia Tech John mechi caught a scoring pass from Bryce young in the fourth overtime to give CFP number three Alabama a 24 22 comeback victory over rival auburn Notre-Dame semifinal hopes remain very much alive after Jack Cohen through for two touchdowns and ran for another score to help the CFP number 5 fighting Irish hammer Stanford 45 14 NBA in a sweet 16 straight wins for the suns as they beat the nets one 13 one O 7 College basketball UCLA could be number one tomorrow after Jules Bernard scored 18 points to highlight the second rank bruins 73 51 route of UNLV I'm David ferry AP sports Bob Dylan's artwork goes on display on Tuesday in Miami at the Patricia and Philip frost art museum as art Basel Miami kicks off You know his music but do you know his artwork It's the most comprehensive exhibition of Bob Dylan's visual art to be held in the U.S. as frost art museum director jordana pomeroy Terrific that he's 80 years old and ready to be recognized in this new way and to this new lens The exhibition includes more than a 180 acrylics watercolors drawings and ironwork sculptures The show runs through April 17th I'm Julie Walker More than $1.4 million has been raised as of Saturday afternoon for our man who spent 43 years behind bars before a judge overturned his conviction in a triple killing The Midwest innocence project set up the GoFundMe as they fought for Kevin Strickland's release noting he wouldn't receive compensation from Missouri the state only allows payments to people who were exonerated through DNA evidence so the 62 year old doesn't qualify a judge ordered Strickland's release Tuesday and kmbc TV was there I didn't think that they'd want to come Strickland always maintained he was home watching TV and had nothing to do with the murders which happened when he was 18 The prosecutor who asked for his release said evidence used to convict had since been recanted or disproven I'm Julie Walker Casper's Black 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