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Well, one of the leading theories out there is that people who are under age 50 were in their childhood exposed to other very similar Corona. Chris is that have provided some cross immunity for those memory be sells, and that's plausible. If you remember in the Spanish flu of 1918 it was thean verse. It was people under age 45. We got hit particularly hard in the theory at that time was that those over age 45 at the time had been exposed to similar viruses in their childhood. So the doctor Macari, the big Heaven seems to be from all members of the media that the United States blew this that we really blew it in a way that is unprecedented. We blew it at the federal level. We blow it at the state level. The problem Seeing here is that we've taken a wide variety of policies at the state level, and it doesn't seem as though there is some sort of consistent outcome. California's basically been shut down, man and living here the whole time. California's basically been shut down for the entirety of this thing. And is getting walloped right now. Texas was not shut down and they're getting off. Florida was not shot down, and they're getting walloped Colorado singing up till they open the same time. It's Georgia. They're going to say media coverage, but they're seeing an uptick as well. Did the United States really botched the same thing so badly? Are we experiencing sort of a different set of circumstances in places like for example, Germany or Hong Kong? So a couple of distinctive factors come to mind? Your one would be the notion that the European brand of this virus is much more transmissible than the original Asian brand of virus. And the second is that if you live in a country that did not have a massive outbreak at the very beginning Then you're much better off in being able to contain it. Where's the United States? By the time we even knew that this thing was circulating, we already had probably hundreds of thousands of circulating cases in communities. Fred, I think I think that's correct. I would say that the one factor because there's many sort of Sort of internal analysis that people do with their own logic as to what really drives to spread what really drives the high case fatality rate, and in all of my analysis, It is really one factor, and that is whether or not people take it seriously. If you take it seriously. There's a lot of different measures. You Khun Dio, you can physical distance, You can cancel the field trip to Gettysburg this year for the kids. There are many things that could be done. There's universal masking so many things that can be done in the spirit of taking it seriously. And you saw that in Europe. As she pointed out, Sweden may not have adopted universal masking, but they did adopt a lot of social distancing and they did. It took a lot of precautions. So ultimately when people just you know, go to the Wal Mart, arguing that this whole thing is is baloney, and I'm doing whatever I want. That is the high risk situation and that's what's associated with these outbreaks now, So I find that's the main factor and you're right in Texas. That increases are rolling. I talked to doctors there talk to doctors in Florida. They say it's still increasing. So I think we're going to see these rolling increases over the summer. The question is when we collide with influenza and the fall will we sort of have religion by then? Will we take it seriously? If so, we'll be OK. If not, we're going to see some terrible outbreaks. So you mentioned schools earlier, and there's been vast sort of controversy over whether to reopen the schools. There's a whole upending your time from a teacher is suggesting that you won't go back to teaching if she's told, Teach in L, a county. They've gone so far as to prevent private schools from opening, even if private schools want open and are taking all sorts of precautions to prevent The spread. Where do you land on the Should schools reopen? It seems like the data is pretty solid. The schools are not the main vectors for transmission but obviously have some outliers like Israel, where they were a vector for transmission. 14 Children have died from Cove it since its inception in the United States between ages five and 14. Now I'll be a tragic I would go into you, although the data is not there that they had come or abilities and maybe even where you know, suppressed in a way that could be identified ahead of time, by the way. 14 I'll be a tragic is less than pneumonia, influenza and viral meningitis separately not combined, and we, you know, we probably should be taking more percussions against those things. So kids are very low risk. I wish then we could divert all of this energy. We're spending on trying to protect the kids to protecting the high risk vulnerable workers in the school system. The high risk 63 year old bus driver with hypertension and diabetes. Maybe a younger person should drive that bus. The teacher that's Very high risk on teaching a class at age, you know, 65 with multiple co morbidity is maybe a younger teachers teach that class. All of this energy. We're spending on making sure the desks or seven feet apart and having them learn on their screens. That's important for the small segment of kids that are that are extremely vulnerable, or perhaps those who live with parents who are highly vulnerable, but I mean, we should really talk about selective contingency plans for those who are high risk on the staff. And recognize that kids aren't are in a very strong position to deal with this Dr Marty Makary thanks much during the program of Johns Hopkins University really appreciate your time and your insight is always Going to be with you, Ben already coming up. We're gonna be getting into President Trump's interview with Chris Wallace Media declared. That was just a dud for Trump. I'm not really sure that that's the case. We're gonna get to that in just one second first. There's been a lot of reasons to smile lately. I mean, everything kind of socks. But there will come a time in the future when you wish to smile once more smile and you and you want your smile to me. Absolutely stunning, Beautiful. This is why you need your seeds to be straight. Go check out candidate. Clear a liners can declare liners are comfortable, removable, totally invisible. Unlike wire braces,.

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