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Myself. did i want it that way. Backstreet boys make the list better. Liscensing extreme meghan. Did you have a song that you'd like to add to have so many. I wanted to go with the phil collins song. But if i'm being realistic and i'm being honest it's gotta be like a lance more ironic or something okay or one hand in my pocket one hand in my pocket and the other one smoking us by the way i heard. She pissed everybody off at the concert. On saturday it was she was like really late. Getting up on stage. And then. I guess she didn't do like a full sad because of the weather. I heard a lot of concerts were delayed weather. I think saturday was okay. It was good night. All right definitely needs to be on that but i do have to ten this because i get to war of the roses but see. This is a list guys. No offense aretha. God rest your soul but you know respect. It's okay i like it. It's a great song. But ain't nothing. Like penggong casey ri- detroit ex muskegon right metrics w toledo mojo in the morning mojo in the morning show where the roses day here on. The show may not be one that you want your kids listening to. I just give you forewarning on that. But i do want to just go on record and say that i think people that do this are a little while. I don't know how they go about doing it. But little backstory they they did the whole free pass or they called it a freebie with each other where they were given each other the option of being able to fool around with somebody else and he took her up on that offer. We're going to hear the story coming up here in a second. We're gonna make the phone call. But i'm always amazed by our listeners that go about doing that. You know. I you ever imagine a situation where that would not lead to problems. I will tell you that. I think that had i would believe i was being set up. You know what i mean like. It was a test. Yeah it's kind of interesting. And i want to get the full story Here from jules. But i think that it's interesting that he took her up on the offer but i guess she didn't so here we go it's mojo in the morning war of the roses catching cheaters and proud of. How sorry get your home for more the roses on mojo in the morning. Joyce how long ago was it that you gave this freebie go and do you know who the girl was. Yeah i brought this person. Was she a friend of yours. Is a girl that both worked with talk about. How is not gonna work out when you do this. Were you there when this happened. I was really. I get involved with it but i just couldn't do it. So what would you do..

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