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I'm your host Dana Montes piece of real food with Sina nutritionists and body image coach teaching women how to heal their relationship with food and their bodies ditch the Diet cycle for good. And truly thrive thrive with real food one delicious meal at a time. Welcome back to the real talk doc. Latina podcast episode ninety seven. And we're digging into the science today so on today's episode. We have Dr Sarah Hill. Who is a research psychologist adjust and professor specializing in health relationships and other forms of social behavior through the Lens of evolutionary science? She's also the author of this. Is Your brain on birth control. Will which is the topic of today's discussion. So we're GONNA be talking about how birth control not only changes. How your hormones working your whole body but how it changes who you are as a person how it also changes your brain and your stress response in major ways and why this matters so one of my major takeaways from Dr Dr Sarah's book and today's podcast women on the pill are missing a key feature of their stress response so we are discussing how this impacts things like adrenal fatigue? Because I know you guys are super into that as I am to how it impacts learning and memory and anxiety and depression and interestingly enough despite what you might be thinking this is not actually a scare tactic book to freak you out from taking any kind of hormonal birth control instead. It's really a book. That's designed to empower you with the tools to understand how this medication actually works in your body what it can do to your body how to understand.

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