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Come up so that that's number one number two. You know, one of the things that we talked about the Trump Administration. It's one thing to buy administrations talked about my support is the idea that we're going to as we withdraw from Afghanistan. We're going to redeploy troops and assets to Asia Pacific. We really need to make sure that's not just the talking points. So when we take a lot of these battle hardened troops of ours, who performed so well for so many years in Afghanistan. And we would pull them out. We need to put them in places like Guam and Robertson barracks and in, uh, Darwin, Australia in the illusion islands in Hawaii. Uh and and the American territories, Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands. We need to make sure that we actually take some of that combat power. And put it in the Asia Pacific region end up Pacific region to deter the Chinese. Third, We have a compact of free association with the island nation of Palau, Marshall Islands and the Federated States of Micronesia, which basically means we run their foreign policy in their defense. We need to renew that compact is up for renewal. The negotiations aren't going anywhere, partly because the post office wants more money to deliver mail there. That's a small cost. We gotta get post office paid. You know, we don't want to mail carriers. Going into debt, but we need to make sure we can deliver mail these islands, but that compact gives us access military access to a bath swap swap the Pacific Ocean. You know, we need to get that done. So those are those are three of the things that we can do. We got on immediately. You would think there would be support with within the by administration for that, and and there's some other steps we can take as well. But well, John and I were looking to do is Was point out a path and how do we quietly confidently and Send a message. The Chinese are not withstanding what's happening in Afghanistan. America's Retain its leadership role and ran, start rebuilding credibility, stress with our allies and the end of Pacific region. Last question, Mr Ambassador, if you could If you could. Advise the president on what to say in a public speech. I would advise him to warn the Taliban were staying as long as it's possible to get our people out. And if they interfere will be back and forth. But what would you advise him to say? In any in his next televised appearance, because what he has said thus far has had the opposite of increasing confidence in America. Well, look, the president his team have access to the intel of what's happening on the ground. But you know what? What's always worked in international affairs. National security going back to Roman times. This is not Any. Any great insight is a piece of strength works. The President Reagan showed that President Trump said that we need to go checking strength and not weakness. And, uh and one way to project strength would be that absolutely as you state let the Taliban Let Isis and Al Qaeda and the others that are regrouping in Afghanistan. No, they look, the United States of America is not leaving until we're coming home with all of our citizens, and I think the next thing he needs to do Is along the lines of what director Right click my wrote in Our Op ed, which was meant to be a bipartisan roadmap and not not a partisan attack is to say, Look, American leadership. Our credibility may have suffered. You know, there are mistakes made and how it did this withdraw. But that doesn't mean that America is going away from the world stage. We're moving, uh, dramatically and significantly forward in the end of Pacific region, working with the quad with our allies in India, Australia, Japan. Other allies, Treaty allies in the region. Thailand and the Philippines. Sovereign nations like Vietnam that don't want to the end of the Chinese boot, and we're gonna be in the Arctic. We're gonna be in the Antarctic. We're going to be You know, we're going to put a Coast guard cutter, for example, in America, American Samoa, and it's amazingly American territory with 50,000 Americans, and they don't have a Coast Guard cutter and in similar to protect them from illegal, unreported and unregulated Chinese fishing. We're going to put a coast guard cutter in Samoa. I mean, there are things that we can do, uh, that are that demonstrate American confidence and demonstrate American leadership and we need to move out of those things. They can't be subject to rounds and rounds and rounds of Deputies Committee and PCC meetings that they see in the Pentagon. We have to move out and show American leadership. So the folks know notwithstanding what's happened in Afghanistan that America is there and we're gonna be behind our allies around the rest of the world. Mr. Ambassador. Thanks for your time. I know you have been working behind the scenes on behalf of some of the people that you know, in Afghanistan. Good luck in those efforts as well. Thank you for joining me. I would ask everyone as they conclude today to remember please our friends in Haiti with food for the poor. They are working around the clock to deliver much needed water and food. They have been in Haiti forever. Forever. I'll be literal 30 plus years and they Deliver food and water, both independent up and in concert with local partners. They're very reliable. That is a catastrophe. I played for you the BBC clip. I won't play it again. I would just ask all of you to go to Hugh Hewitt dot com. Please be as generous as you. Can. I post the audio and transcripts of Ambassador Brian over human dot com. The interview with.

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