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Mitsu casual or the the incoming Fan because they want that guy come in beat addicts defeated dick and eighty embrace it and to me that i i i feel that with with him he could be like the piper but he he can't say what piper would say he he can't they can't do it. His hands are tied for a lot of what he does. I in that because of the cancer coach coach the sensitivity that we live there. Wrestlers can't be restless. Do you believe that somebody like He's wasn't bully. Ray in bubble ray When he was an easy w can save the shit that he said. Now the whole fuck. Fuck jeff fatt bitch and not do you believe most mobile focus are fucking scott tissue sensitive people say scott tissue is rough but you can poke a hole in this shit just by touching it. That's it is half of one half of one bligh so it's like it's it's a piece of paper finger goes through. That's our centers. Focus on these days so fucking sensitive. It's disgusting people. Don't want to see somebody who actually says i hate you to sensitively of of just society but also especially in wrestling But we just recently saw Two biographies when coming down with ultimate warrior and We loved him as a kid did we. we did. And then you find now. Then we found out about how warrior we we find out the real. Jim hellwig said I i'm i get lost with. Because are we supposed appreciate the wrestler. All appreciate what we got from what we learned after up. You know what. That's the interesting thing wrestling. So we grow up with these characters and you know what it is. I don't think people realize what. W w e banks on the wrestles growing with the children or vice versa. Wrong with the wrestling. So you look at somebody like like the hulkamania age they bank on the five. Six eight nine year olds. I believe global media. I take my vitamins. I'm gonna buy these Hogan vitamins i'm going to buy. I always used to say that At that time as you're going to buy the hokey mania steroid kit. You like. i'm going to buy all this stuff. And i want to be strongly hogan hulk hogan sixteen. You like twenty eight. And it's like every as dig and he has no hair and nigga time asshole for kim thunder in paradise was i didn't like him. Obey knows board wasn't really a good movie and they banco but they don't care. Wbz doesn't care about you. Having an opinion when you become an adult what you to spend your money.

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